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Why To Consider Switching To HTTPS?


When Google made the announcement that HTTPS is now actually a ranking signal many were left to wonder whether switching to this is actually worth the trouble or not. While this has its benefits people are also nervous about trying new things and whether or not it will work for them. But with Google’s announcement it is something to look into and not simply let go.

HTTPS stands for Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure. According to Google this protocol is more secure and can protect the integrity and confidentiality of data between user device and site. HTTPS is mainly used to better protect a site and give a secure experience to users as well. With cyber security being a major concern today this can really help a website.

HTTPS has many benefits as well like:

*     It is useful for your SEO as Google considers security as a ranking signal and has already announced the importance of HTTPS.

*     Also with mobile sites and mobile first indexing soon taking center stage this is an important thing to maintain security and over all protection of data.

*     Mainly ecommerce websites will benefit from a switch to HTTPS as they involve payments and exchange of secure data.

*     It is also expected that switching to HTTPS may soon be useful for content and link building abilities.

*     Visitors will be able to trust a site more with HTTPS and will thus, freely browse.

While there are benefits to making the switch to HTTPS there are still many questions that need to be answered and apprehensions of business websites. But sooner or later making the switch will seem a good decision.

When looking to successfully migrate to HTTPS you can follow a checklist. This include:

*     Get a security certificate for your site.

*     Ensure to direct all your HTTP pages to your HTTPS pages.

*     You also need to update your internal links and other resources.

*     Do not block your HTTPS site from crawling.

*     Re-indexing of your site is also important and you need to submit a new sitemap as well to Google.

*     Once you have made the switch test everything on your page to see that all is working well. You can use the  SSL server test.

It should be clear now the importance and benefits of making the jump to the HTTPS bandwagon. While sites that have a lesser number of website traffic can still overlook this but others that expect to see more and more traffic in the future should definitely consider making the switch.

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