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Now Track Offline Conversion With New Feature of Bing Ads

Bing Ads

Here’s a good news for advertisers who run Bing Ads campaigns to generate leads. Advertisers who run such campaigns can now upload offline conversion data back into the platform. This facility provides a more detailed and complete picture of campaign impact on actual sales.

The Working System of Bing Ads Offline Conversion Tracking

When any advertiser enables the new Offline Conversion Import feature in the Bing campaigns, the system leverages the Microsoft Click ID (MSCLKID) that gets appended to every Bing Ads URL. This click ID furher gets passed in the referring URL which can be stored either in a cookie or remain persistent in the URL at the time of the user browsing the website. The click ID then gets passed into the advertiser’s CRM system when a user fills out a lead form on the website and remains associated with that user. If this user gets converted into a successful sale the offline way after speaking with a sales agent, this conversion is then connect back to the click ID.

The advertiser needs to upload that offline conversion data back into Bing Ads. This is important for the conversions to appear at all levels of conversion reporting.

How To Setup The System?

There are several steps that the advertisers need to follow in order to enable offline conversion tracking.

The very first step is creation of an Offline Conversion goal. Once the goal is created, Bing Ads will automatically turn on auto-tagging in the account to append the Microsoft Click ID to ad URLs.

After the above steps are successfully followed, the advertisers are then required to update the tracking code on their websites. This is to ensure that the click ID is captured and stored with the lead information in their CRM systems.

Offline conversion tracking is expected to be rolled and in action globally over the next few weeks.

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