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Now Anyone Can Contribute To Google’s Street View

Google Street View

Google’s Street View already covered much of the world, and now it has officially approved a “Street View-ready” camera for amateur cartographers.

Soon it will be possible for anyone to add to street view. Thanks to Google’s new program called “Street View Ready.”

Currently only Google’s Street View cars have the authority or rather ability to add to the Street View database. But not anymore. Very soon anyone and everyone will be able to contribute to the same. Of course access to the right hardware will be the prerequisite to be able to do so.

Those who are going gaga over the news may bet some disappointment to learn the retail price of the Insta360 Pro camera that is required to add to street view. The camera indeed is released for amateurs but the price is definitely not amateur friendly. The camera retails at $3,999.

The 360 camera is capable of capturing images in 8K resolution at 5 frames per second.

Google first announced its Street View-ready program in May, which allowed enthusiasts with equipment that meets its certifications for mobile, auto, virtual reality, and workflow to submit their own data. The four different classifications are:

Mobile ready: Mobile ready is probably going to be the most useful to the average user, allowing people to shoot and upload content directly from their phone.

Auto ready: Auto ready is for capturing footage from vehicles

VR ready and workflow ready: VR ready and workflow are the two more professional certifications, for cameras with geometric sensors for rendering a VR experience and for publishing tools respectively.

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