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Google Adds Wait Times To Local Results In Search And Maps

Google local search results

Google recently announced that it will soon roll out a new feature to Google local search results, such as restaurants, followed by Google Maps that will show you the estimated waiting time for those results to appear on search pages.

This recent addition is an expansion of Google’s existing feature which shows businesses’ busy times. The new feature will appear near the popular times information, which currently shows users how busy a venue is at a particular time and day. Like the popular times feature, wait time estimates are based on anonymized historical data.

An estimated current wait time for that very moment will appear in that section. Users will be able to tap on any of the chart’s hour bars and the estimated wait for the selected time period will be displayed. There is also a provision to scroll left and right for viewing the summary of each day’s wait times below the hour bars. This feature will help them plan to beat the rush hours.

Here’s what you can expect to see:


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