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Google Introduces Dedicated Knowledge Panels in Search Results For Publishers

Knowledge Graph

Google is announced that it is introducing a new type of Knowledge Graph Card or Knowledge Panel exclusively for news publishers in which searchers can learn more about a specific news publication directly in the search results.

Google said this will help searchers learn about “a publication you’re not familiar with or one you wanted to learn more about.

The knowledge panels fills the entire above-the-fold section of search results and give searchers faster access to information about a publisher. This will also help Google from tackling the misinformation and fake news issues that it has been struggling with for some time now.

Searchers will be able to learn about the publisher in more detail with this Knowledge Panel as the news publisher knowledge graph will display topics the publisher commonly covers along with major awards the publisher has won and claims the publisher has made that have been reviewed by third parties.

Here is a screen shot of this feature from Google:

Searching for a publisher by name will return the new Knowledge Panel. It features:

  • A description of the publication
  • A Wikipedia link
  • Notable awards won
  • A sample of frequently covered topics
  • Claims made by the publisher that have been reviewed by a third party

Future updates can be expected of this feature as Google says that it will continue to refine and improve on this.

Google explains there is no way to directly control which publishers are able to surface the new knowledge graphs and what information is shown but offers these tips:

Like search results, many factors go into what’s shown in the Knowledge Panel. Publishers that consistently create fresh, news-related online content can improve their chances of having a Knowledge Panel.

While a publisher’s Knowledge Panel does appear at the top of search results, these knowledge panels do not influence how a site ranks in the search results.

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