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Google News To Deprecate Old RSS Feed URLs On December 1, 2017

Google News

If you subscribe to Google News RSS feeds, you may have noticed that they appear to be completely broken now. This is because Google News will be deprecating their old RSS feed subscription URLs by December 1, 2017. Now, what does that mean. In simple terms, if you have Google News RSS feed subscriptions from a year or so ago, you will have to revisit all those subscriptions and update them to continue reading them.

Apparently, Google is making some necessary improvements to their system that powers RSS feeds and as a result of this update, the Google News RSS URL pattern is changing.

The old RSS feed subscriptions are showing a message in the feeds that read:

This RSS feed URL is deprecated.

This RSS feed URL is deprecated, please update. New URLs can be found in the footers at

This is something that is not expected from Google. They could have easily redirected the old RSS feed URL patterns to the new RSS feed URL patterns which would have made the lives of the newsfeed subscribers a lot more easy. Now they will have to go through a list or hundreds of newsfeeds and subscribe again which is definitely a tedious task. However, if the search giant has taken such a decision, there is definitely something substantial to back their step.

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