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Google’s Home Page Search Box Displaying Recent Searches By Default

Google Search Updates

Lately, Google’s efforts to show past searches to a searcher by clicking the search box earlier this year resulted into a feature which Google confirmed to be likely a bug. Earlier Google had changed the default behaviour of the search box on the home page. However, this bug seems to automatically expand to show the most recent searches to the users before they even click into the search box to enter the search query. However, Google has confirmed that they did not want this behaviour.

“We launched the ability to see past searches by clicking the search box earlier this year. However, past searches should not be appearing immediately on page load, so we are working to fix this issue.” – Google spokesperson

Matt Cutts, former Google search executive, said on Google+ he finds the experience “super annoying” and wants a way to opt out of this but cannot find the opt-out. Here is a screen shot from Matt Cutts:

In conclusion, Google’s initiative to display recent searches by default on its home page search box signifies the search giant’s ongoing efforts to enhance user experience and provide quick access to frequently sought information. As user behaviour evolves, staying current with the latest trends and best practices is vital in the ever-changing digital marketing landscape.

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