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Google Launches New Features In AdWords!


Right before the Black Friday shopping season started in the US last week, Google made few announcements for AdWords advertisers. They rolled out three new features for the latest AdWords interface- AdWords promotion extensions, custom intent audiences and ad variations for testing.

Adwords Promotions Extensions

The search giant had already started testing promotion extensions in text ads about one year back. That beta extended to the new AdWords interface this summer. Now, it is being rolled out globally by Google in the new AdWords interface, in all supported AdWords languages and currencies. It is a great upgrade for AdWords advertisers who can now display specific offers in their text ads without having to create new ads. They can include a percentage off, a promotion code and offer period.

Custom Intent Audience

On the Google Display Network, Google is now rolling out custom intent audiences. This feature will enable advertisers to target “people who want to buy the specific products you offer — based on data from your campaigns, website and YouTube channel.”

Anthony Chavez, director of product management for AdWords, explained in a recent interview that there are two variations of custom intent audiences. In one variation, advertisers can create their own based on topics and URLs that people who are likely to be interested in their products read about and visit. The second variation is machine-learning based and automated. Google will create an audience based on the campaign and infer characteristics of target consumers.

The auto-generated custom intent audience lists will pe presented to the advertisers in the Audience Center as an auto-created audience. Google will also display reach and performance estimates for each of these audiences.

Ad Variations

Google is also rolling out a new way for testing ad variations. According to them, this feature will enable the advertisers to test thousands of ads in a few clicks. Google will display results once they are statistically significant.

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