Search and SEO has seen a lot of changes in the last decade and the complexity of working on an SEO project has grown exponentially over these years. This has resulted into both; greater challenges as well as opportunities for search marketers.

Today search marketers cannot only rely on their marketing skills to drive a program. Many other factors like user experience, front-end development and data analysis skills are also immensely necessary achieving success now.

The need of managing SEO programs is not only driving SEO results, but also drive growth opportunities for the teams and SEO experts.

SEO expertise can be leveraged to build stronger relationships with internal customers while driving value for the company. SEO professionals better understand at a deeper level how the user experience of a website and its internal term search create an experience path for the customer. They are also better aware of the ways to enhance the path. This makes it essential for them to work with the product, merchandising and IT teams to improve the search experience by providing trend analysis, developing strategies, working null results and improving site messaging.

Making the team members participate more broadly across the organization, enhances the SEO results many folds. But one thing that needs to be remembered is that this requires a lot of commitment which includes maximize the potential of the team members, exposing them to areas where their expertise can drive value and taking a vested interest in their career path.

Areas, where you may want to broaden the growth of your personnel to create opportunities to expand organizational impact are as follows:

Content Strategy

The tools and data available to SEO professionals can help drive content decisions with a meaningful impact: analyzing the engagement metrics of existing content, determining the content that resonates on the site and analyzing off-site content impact at a social level.

User Experience

Identifying the various intents a consumer may have based on the term or phrase searched allows us to analyze the path against the outcome of each intent.

Front-end Development

Development skills are very much different from SEO and many web developers and front-end coders intend to learn about how they can amplify their impact by embedding SEO best practices in the code. By providing relevant training and partnering with the department managers to supplement guidelines to include SEO best practices for coding definitely helps in better project management.

SEO is not about what you know or what you can do — it is what you can get done. Partnering well internally and leveraging the team to their potential improves the results exponentially.

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