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Google Will Now Provide More Real-time Data in Google Trends

Google is expanding its application Google Trends is now going to provide even more real-time data on the popularity of search terms. Google trends lets the searchers track what most of other searchers are looking for in both real-time and non-real time. The enhanced features will now include data from more Google products beyond web search with the addition of search data from verticals like Google News, Shopping, Images and YouTube.

One can type the keywords into the Google Trend search box as before and then select the appropriate topic from the autocomplete suggestions. Using the new drop-down menu, Google provides you an option to see data from other Google verticals like Image Search, News Search, Google Shopping and YouTube Search.

Of course, all the same filters that existed before can still be applied in addition to the new filters. Google Trends’ new filters are now available worldwide on mobile and desktop.

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