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Bing Ads Now Allows Advertisers to Import Call Conversions

Bing Ads

Advertisers showcasing their products and services on Bing Ads can now import call conversion data. This feature will help in connecting phone sales back to the ad campaign that prompted the call. Call conversion imports are facilitated through Bing Ads’ Offline Conversion Import tool. The tool was released in the month of September this year.

Bing allows any call-tracking system to integrate with its Ads and import call conversion data, using the Offline Conversion Import tool.

CallTrackingMetrics is the first call-tracking system that supports this new feature introduced by Bing.

Bing says it looks forward to many more call-tracking systems using its offline conversions feature.

”This enables better reporting insights, campaign optimizations and platform enhancements based on the wider impact of your search campaigns.”

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