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Google Confirms a Core Algo Update That Happened Recently

Google usually does not announce updates to it’s core algorithm because the core algorithm updates happen almost every day, may be even twice a day. This update is certainly different. It isn’t one of the usual daily Google updates. Google calls this update a Broad Core Algorithm Update.

Here is Google’s confirmation on 20th Apr about the update

The Broad Core Algorithm Update Clues

Google offered few clues. But this is what we know:

  • The update mainly focused on providing better search results
  • There is nothing wrong with sites that lost rankings
  • There is no way to fix the sites that lost rankings
  • The improvements are focused on the content

Google’s Danny Sullivan stated that “Google was not targeting low-quality websites.” He clarified that there is nothing wrong to fix in sites that lose rankings. This announcement is important because it squeezes the usual Phantom Update speculation.

The SEO industry seems to behave as if the Google’s algorithm is obsessed with targeting low – quality, to the exclusion of improvements to answering search queries. But this is not necessarily the case.

Google’s Algorithm does much more than Target Low Quality. There is a huge difference between an algorithm that targets low – quality web pages and an algorithm that identifies the best answer to a search query.

So, what can be done to Regain Rankings? Though Google stated there is no fix, SEO is definitely proactive. Google recommended waiting for the content quality to rise relative to the other pages. But that is based on your content being “great” and more important, also on your content being greater than your competition.

The very next time Google runs these updates, hopefully, your website will be rewarded. Also, Google explained that “pages that were previously under-rewarded” would see a benefit from these core updates.

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