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Linkedin is Helpful For Business Growth and Lead Generation

Business Growth and Lead Generation

Linkedin is an effective platform for advertisers and businesses across the world. There are about 47 million Linkedin users in India, second only to the US which has 149 million users.

The number of LinkedIn users continues to grow as job seekers, professionals and entrepreneurs recognise the impact business networking has on revenue growth. The site features many tools that can lead to partnerships, promotion etc.

Below mentioned are a few ways you can use LinkedIn for business growth:-


LinkedIn provides immense opportunities for partnerships with people in your own country or abroad. Therefore, you can reach out not only to the CEOs and top management, but also to other team members to learn more about the organization’s culture, and it’s vision.

Linkedin for organic marketing is extremely effective. This is because there is no limitation to organic reach. A partnership has a better chance of survival if it begins by reaching out to the right person within a company.

Lead Generation

LinkedIn provides a big market which is untapped and unaware of your existence. It offers Search features and Sales Navigator which allows you to narrow down results and find out what exactly you are seeking.

Search Features

You can use the connect feature to connect with a potential investor, collaborator or customer. Reaching out is not sufficient, you need to follow-up with regular in-mails to show your interest. You must participate in discussions with people who are of interest and share posts likely to attract the targeted business person or client.

If you are a PPC advertising agency, you need to create posts on the activities you are doing, the services you offer, and even your growth story. Also, create articles on latest industry trends, and hashtag people and organisations you know will immensely benefit.

Sales Navigator – It is the perfect tool to get the lead generation edge over your competitors. It offers you the chance to import all your LinkedIn contacts without effort and sync them with your SalesForce tools or apps. It offers the functionality of the lead builder tool which you can use to filter the leads. There are 22 search filters you can create and save. This will help to facilitate easier search in the future. It helps refine your search based on niche, location, department, etc.

You can also take the help of LinkedIn email to inform you about a new lead instantly. The Navigator provides the option of saving the lead and assigning it to the right person or team. You can monitor as well as manage your lead generation with the tool.

Social Media

LinkedIn also functions as a social media site. Not necessarily all the posts you share need to be “intellectual” or “business-oriented”. As per a statistics, you will get 277% more lead generation on LinkedIn than Facebook.

LinkedIn is a great tool for you to find individuals and services for your business, but it also acts as a way for potential clients and customers to find you. Additionally, it allows people to look more into your business and what you have to offer.

Therefore, it can be concluded that it is a powerful tool for businesses, both in regards to growth and lead generation. It has the potential to deliver 80% of your B2B leads with a conversion rate for visitor-to-lead at nearly 3%.

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