Optimize internal links

Optimize your internal links; you can start with navigation but also use links in the content. This will help in getting better SEO results. Small businesses can be benefitted from interlinking service. This is quite simple and benefit the users.

Local SEO

For local businesses, local SEO can help. It focuses on helping local businesses rank. There are two contributing factors: Google my business and citations.

Google my business

This is a business directory of Google; you can provide information about your business then it will help drive visibility on Google Maps. You can provide vital information like location, type of business, opening and closing hours, contact details etc.


Citations are a simple mention of address, name and phone number of local business.  Sometimes citations can be linked, sometimes not.  Citations can be seen on local business directories, social networks, websites and in apps as well. Make sure you always submit the right category and provide a good business description.

Authority building

Link and authority building are considered to be the most challenging aspect of SEO. The search engines use links to understand the relative authority of sites and webpages. Others could be business category, address, and proximity to the searcher. Try to focus on building links where they can contribute in value addition.


SEO is not easy for everyone, including small businesses. It can be hard to decide, where you need to put emphasis, which will deliver better results. With these steps, you can get maximum results with minimum efforts. Good Luck!