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How Small Businesses can Flourish with Foundational SEO


No matter, if you have just started your search engine optimization (SEO) or have been into it since long, there is always a scope of improvisation in it. SEO is not a rocket science but still it is quite easy to get confused in trivial details before the basic steps.

According to Pareto Principle

“For many events, roughly 80% of the effects come from 20% of the causes.”

This stands completely true in case of SEO for smaller businesses. Getting 20% of the work done to enjoy 80% of the benefits. It is a key of getting lucrative as well as early return of your SEO efforts. Let’s get to know how to use that 20% to get easy win.

Technical SEO

As it sounds, technical SEO can be technical but if you make smart decisions at the onset then you can allow your website hosting and website software to do most of it. Select a search-engine-friendly content management system (CMS) like WordPress. It will ensure that you have a technically strong base for your SEO initiatives. Try to make informed decisions regarding your website content management system and hosting environment.

Keyword research

Understanding the language of your customer is the foundation of good SEO, which can improve your organic ranking as well as convince users to visit your site. There are certain ways to get keyword list. First is, seed list, which includes all the important elements of your business. It can be product as well as services along with major locations.

Keyword research tools

Now you can get abundant internet research tools. Some of the tools to start with are Google Ads keywords tool, Keywords Everywhere, and Google itself which shows keyword suggestions at the bottom of pages. There are some paid tools as well like Moz, Ahrefs and SEMrush, which are really powerful. You must find logical set of keywords that can bring positive results.

Site structure

Site structure plays a crucial role as it helps user and Google understand your site and business. You can use filing cabinet to illustrate site or graphs. Use descriptive URLs that can easily describe the page content.

On-page optimization

This is where your keywords can be used on well-structured site pages. There are certain steps to go about it.  Page title has a major impact on ranking as they are frequently shown in search results. Remember that optimizing for clicks is quite important.

Optimize Meta descriptions

Meta descriptions don’t have a direct impact over ranking, which is why they are often overlooked. Meta descriptions are kind of search engine advertising copy. The descriptions in this help build and reinforce the message in the title page, which certainly contributes in generating more clicks. You must use keywords sensibly and include call to action but don’t overdo things.

Optimize page content

Page content plays a crucial role. Make sure the content is understandable, easy to effectively resonate with your target audience. You must not over stuff the content with keywords, it should always be interesting and readable. Such steps will help you improve your SEO

  • Optimize internal links

Optimize your internal links; you can start with navigation but also use links in the content. This will help in getting better SEO results. Small businesses can be benefitted from interlinking service. This is quite simple and benefit the users.

  • Local SEO

For local businesses, local SEO can help. It focuses on helping local businesses rank. There are two contributing factors: Google my business and citations.

  • Google My Business

This is a business directory of Google; you can provide information about your business then it will help drive visibility on Google Maps. You can provide vital information like location, type of business, opening and closing hours, contact details etc.

  • Citations

Citations are a simple mention of address, name and phone number of local business.  Sometimes citations can be linked, sometimes not.  Citations can be seen on local business directories, social networks, websites and in apps as well. Make sure you always submit the right category and provide a good business description.

  • Authority building

Link and authority building are considered to be the most challenging aspect of SEO. The search engines use links to understand the relative authority of sites and webpages. Others could be business category, address, and proximity to the searcher. Try to focus on building links where they can contribute in value addition.


To sum up, having a solid foundation in SEO is vital for the success of small businesses across the globe. This is because it helps improve online visibility, drives organic traffic, and ensures sustainable growth. As you start your SEO journey, it’s essential to remember that expert advice can be highly beneficial. It’s worth considering partnering with a reputable SEO company in India like Brandconn Digital. Our SEO experts in India are experienced professionals with in-depth industry knowledge and can create customized strategies to meet your specific needs. Your small business can thrive in today’s competitive digital landscape with the proper support.

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