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Angular Universal and How It Is Important For SEO

f you use Angular to power your website, then you may face extra difficulty in crossing when it comes to SEO. Fortunately, Angular Universal is available to make the work easy for you. Though it is comparatively easier but there is a bit of technical wizardry involved here. You will need to involve a development team. Once the finished product is delivered, your site will serve optimized pages that can be easily located and indexed by search engines. In this article, you will learn the importance of Angular Universal pertaining to SEO.

The SEO problem

Angular is an outstanding framework for delivering user-friendly web apps. Sadly, it is a bit hostile to SEO. This happens for two reasons.

First, Angular relies majorly on script to deliver content. As a result, some search bots don’t see the content that can actually be seen by a user. Another problem is speed; apps often don’t load quickly. Speed has become vital in deciding the rank of a website. But there are some ways to make your angular website workable with good online ranking. Perhaps, Angular Universal can help in this.

What is Angular Universal?

Angular Universal runs your web app on the server but not on the browser, this is something which makes it distinct normally such apps are client-side applications.

One of the major problem is, the search bots not always process the client-side code like your browser does when it serves you a webpage. This is the reason for discrepancy between Angular Universal documentation page and its source code.

Angular Universal handles server-side rendering along with HTML and CSS content. This means a user will load a HTML page but not client-side code. This will result into quick loading of pages.

Why it is important

If you are into digital marketing, then you must be aware of the struggle involved in gaining vital exposure online. This is the reason, companies reach out to influencers, use social media and optimize websites to get better ranking.

Simply put: your website ranks if it can’t get indexed. If angular is empowering your website, make sure you take additional steps to ensure its content appears in search engines.


In conclusion, Angular Universal has emerged as a critical tool in web development, offering significant user experience and SEO advantages. By rendering web pages on the server side and enhancing page load times, it aligns perfectly with the principles of SEO. Businesses seeking to improve their online visibility and rankings must consider the importance of Angular Universal and its role in SEO strategies. Get benefits from partnering with a dedicated SEO company in India like Brandconn Digital to harness this technology’s full potential. Our SEO experts in India have in-depth knowledge of advanced SEO techniques that can drive organic growth and success in the digital landscape.

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