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How to Optimize Your PPC Campaign Structure?

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With PPC experts getting smarter and smarter, the campaigns that they run are also getting more and more potent in generating results anticipated very quickly. But there are some strategies that if implemented well can help in PPC campaign optimization and make it more effective in terms of driving traffic towards the website. Experts add to this that an effective PPC strategy will show its impact on reporting, optimising, quality cores and last, but not the least, in build-outs as well. In this post, we have compiled a list of some steps that could help in this optimization along with their details so let us not waste any time further and start with the first one:-

AdWords PPC Auction

As far as AdWords auction is concerned, a number of things are to be kept in mind, including AdRank as well as AdPosition.
In short, Ad Auction can be defined as a process that happens with each Google search, as it decides which ads to appear for that specific search. Based on this, the position or rank of an ad would be determined and this would also depend a lot on AdRank that is also used to determine whether your ad will be shown or not and if yes, at what position it will be there.

Quality Score

Quality Score would matter a lot in terms of PPC strategy as high Quality Score means that AdWords would assume your ad as well as landing page relevant and useful for the person or the traffic looking at your ad. A number of components constitute to make High Quality score and this mainly includes –

  • Ad’s expected CTR
  • Display URL’s past CTR
  • Quality of the ad’s landing page (relevant, transparent, & easy to navigate)
  • Geographic performance
  • Performance of targeted devices

AdWords Text Ads Essentials

The text structure of an AdWords ad should mainly include the link to your website and also a description or promotional content for that product.
The standard type of AdWords text ad typically includes a link to your website and a description or promotion of a product.
General Text Ad Structure Will Include:

  • Headline (30 characters)
  • Description (90 characters)
  • Display URL (15 characters)
  • Destination URL

Keywords vs. Search Queries

A very impressive strategy would be to understand what are keywords and what are search queries because that way, it will become easier to have an estimate of what to use, where to use and how to use. According to the experts, keywords can be defined as the semantic derision or reduction of a given search query. On the other hand, search queries could have common keywords depending upon the match type and they are basically the string of words that a user types into the search box.

Ad Extensions

  • Determining ad extensions and using them in the right manner will also help in Pay Per Click campaign optimization. Here, it is important to know that “Site Extensions” are there to let users navigate through your website comfortably.
  • Then, there is “Location Extension” to be aware of as it will show business address, phone number, and a map marker with the ad text.
  • Next in the list is the name of “Call Extensions” that is a kind of CTA, as it will show a phone number with your ad.
  • The next name is of “Review Extension” and regarding this, experts say that it has to be accurate current, credible and non-duplicate.
  • The best example of a review extension is of the retailers as when they create review extensions, the prefer using their own quoted or para-phrased review.
  • The next thing to attend here is the “Call Out Extension” that will allow you to include additional text with the search ad.
    In this call out extension, there will be the opportunity to add more details about the business, the products and services you are offering and so on. In a majority of cases, you will find at the top and bottom of Google search results.

AdWords PPC Testing

  • PPC testing was and will remain a very useful element that would impact the performance as well as the result of any PPC campaign.

In other words, you will have to constantly leverage product-level performance data, as this will help drive a strategy and prepare a highly efficient and continually evolving PPC campaign. It will allow businesses with the expertise of PPC experts to raise the Quality Score, and a better Quality Score means there would be better ad relevance and, as a result, improve Through Rate (CTR) and, thus, more conversions.

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