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Top Social Media Trends To Watch Out In 2020


Social media is the most happening space over the Internet. The penetration of social media platforms can be understood by the simple number of users growing leaps and bounds. Social media will remain fruitful and engaging in the 2020 as well. To keep up one abreast with social media, a watch on the top social media trends in 2020 is must.

Videos Will Be At The Forefront

Social media is meant to share information, pictures messages and videos. Here, videos are the most effective and influential part of social media sites and apps. Videos will continue to raise more in numbers and content during 2020. There will be more targeted video feeds from individuals, marketers and vloggers.

Target Marketing

Social media usage is tracked by the websites to deliver advertisements, feeds and groups of your interest. Marketing companies, small businesses, new users and social influencers deliver related content through social media. Data analysis will be used by them to make market campaigns and delivering them to interested parties based on their social media engagements.

Temporary Or Ephemeral Content

Status updates, feeds for a short period of time of 24 hours or less are called ephemeral feeds. Social media platforms are making use of these feeds. They are used to promote sudden interest, create fast interaction, curiosity and start a conversation. Ephemeral content is provided by all the major social media apps and it will be one of the most popular trends in 2020.

Business Friendly Social Media Groups

Business groups have to build social media pages which are based on user interests. Likes and dislikes of the consumer or groups will be the center of attraction rather than business planning strategies. The model of business centric pages or groups will shift more towards user centric feeds.

Location Based Ad Targeting

Social media is a place where people share their vacations, shopping destinations, events, etc. Apps and websites also provide options for sharing journey or the places you are visiting. Location based information about friends are also used by social media. This is very useful and trending criteria of immense importance, for delivering location based services, goods and other relevant data.

Specific Information Groups And Feeds

Social media has become a place where one can find groups or feeds about anything, whether the user is interested or not. This macro environment is changing fast, based on user based search, groups visited, feed liked or disliked. Micro feeds with specifically targeted user information are becoming popular amongest users of all types.

More Youth Based Social Media Platforms

Social media when launched was focused towards youth, but gradually people of all ages joined the bandwagon. However, now the need is to focus more on youth for business interests. Youth are more ready to adapt new platforms and features on social media.

These will be some of the trends expected to become popular and impactful and used by social media platforms across the online world. Those following these will be at the forefront in the digital society in 2020.

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