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Computer Hanging-Tips to Fix the System Hanging in Easy way

Computer Hanging

A very common problem that needs a solution is the lack of 100 percent RAM and CPU usage, particularly in Windows 10. This has become something very urgent because as a result of lack of 100 percent usage, “system getting hanged” becomes very common, thereby affecting the user’s productivity.

A solution related to this has been presented in the form of pointers below. 

1.Power Supply Check – No full power in mother board is the possibility of 100% CPU usage in Windows 10

2. Disable SuperFetch in Control Panel in Administrative Tools —Control Panel >Administrative Tools > Services then disable SuperFetch

3. Disable Windows Search in Administrative Tools —Control Panel > Administrative Tools > Services then disable Windows Search

4. Reset Power Plan.

5.Disable Runtime Broker – fix high CPU and memory usage 100%.

 How to Stop and disable Runtime Broker? 

Run >type regedit

Then Hkey -local- machine\system\current control set\services\Time Broker

Then >double click on Start >Change Data Value 4 and then system will run normally.

6. Update windows 10

7. Go in Windows Defender Update Select

Start >Settings >Update & Security >Windows Security >Virus & threat protection

You can go on the Virus and threat protection screen & carefully do one of the following:

  • Firstly, you should use up-to-date version of Windows 10: Under Current threats, select Scan options for the windows.
  • In the previous versions of Windows 10, in threat history, select run a new advanced scan.
  • Select Windows Defender Offline scan options for the windows, and then select Scan now.

8. Disable background apps-CPU usage, perhaps you CPU usage perhaps you might be able to fix this problem by disabling the background applications.Open the Settings app and go to the Privacy section.

9.Disable Startup Programs.Run Type msconfig than startup click open task manager Disable Startup programs.10. All Drivers updated – It’s important to check and install latest updated Device drivers on your system to fix all the driver issues.

After following all these steps the program will respond immediately and your computer will not hang but respond.

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