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Long-tail Keywords- Deserve More Focus

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Out of all SEO tactics used by SEO professionals all over the globe, “Focusing on Long Tail Keywords” has been a very fruitful one. These are the keywords that are more specific and usually longer than general keywords used for “Search” process on the search engines. A very important reason why they generate better results is that the traffic is really less on these keywords, but they come with really very high conversion rate just because of being very specific. The SEO professionals rely more upon them because these long tail keywords allow you to get more traffic and be found by the audience looking for you.

Here we will have a look at what these long-tail keywords are, what are other kinds of keywords and how much important is the role of these long tail keywords in an SEO strategy and gaining ranks.

What Are Long-Tail Keywords?

As mentioned above, long tail keywords are also SEO keywords, but the difference is that they are longer, more specific and usually less used in SEO campaigns. In this process of using these keywords, the entire focus is on the niche and this term, “Long-Term Keywords” was first found in the book, “The Long Tail” written by Chris Anderson. In this book, the author has tried to prove to the SEO professionals that there is a market for every niche, though very small in some cases, but yes it is there.

Apart from these long tail keywords, other kinds of keywords are there, used by SEO professionals all over the world. It is very important to understand all of them to be able to understand how they are different from each other and then, what are the features of long-tail keywords. Keywords are generally broken down into three categories: Head Keywords, Body Keywords and Long-Tail Keywords.

Long-Tail Keywords

Head Keywords

  • This is the most general type of keywords that is also given the name of “One-Word Keywords” and are known to have the highest amount of search volume and the highest competition.
  • The top examples of this type include “blogging” or “advertising” and experts say that they are the most difficult to convert because making predictions related to the same is virtually impossible.
  • These “Head Keywords” are used generally to describe an entire industry and thus, they are more industry specific as well.

Body Keywords

  • The next type used by SEO professionals is given the name of “Body Keywords” and as compared to the name discussed above, they are more specific.
  • Because of being more specific, they are also known for generating a decent amount of traffic as well as search volume.
  • The best examples of this type of keywords are “PPC advertising“, “direct email marketing” and others.
  • Yes, the search volume will not be as high as it will be during using “head keywords”, but still they are very competitive indeed.
  • According to the experts, these are the keywords that define a broad niche in your industry.

What To Focus Upon And Why?

According to the experts, to get better results out of your SEO strategy, you need to focus entirely upon “long-tail keywords” and the reason they cite is that “head keywords” are very competitive and have a really bad conversion rate. They are of no use for a business until the brand name is too big to compete with names like “Wikipedia” and until then, using them is nothing, but wastage of time and efforts.


Why Focus On “Long-Tail Keywords”?

  • The first reason is that it is much easier to rank for “long-tail keywords” than for more common keywords and as said, this is mainly because fewer websites compete for high rankings in the result pages of Google.
  • This generally means that longer and more specific a keyword is, easier it would be to rank for that term. The Internet is really vast and using long-tail keywords, it becomes very easy to find the targeted audience for your niche.
  • The bottom-line here is that focussing on a group of long-tail keywords will result in a great deal of traffic altogether.
  • Then, there is another reason to use them that the conversion rate is higher with them because those looking for you using them are more likely to buy your product or services.

There are so many tools available to research long-tail keywords so choose them wisely.

To sum up, it’s clear that using long-tail keywords is a valuable strategy for digital marketing. These targeted phrases can significantly improve your online visibility and help you reach the right audience. In today’s competitive online landscape, optimizing for long-tail keywords is essential. By understanding your audience’s unique needs and search behavior, you can create content and strategies that drive organic traffic and achieve your digital marketing goals. Whether you’re running a small business or a large enterprise, consider the power of long-tail keywords. Partnering with a trusted digital marketing company in India that can provide expert guidance and help you succeed.

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