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Guide to Insights Tab in Creator Studio

Insights Tab in Creator Studio

The insights tab in the creator studio has emerged as a really powerful tool for marketers and businesses. It has advanced a lot and has numerous features to help users with a number of things and some of them have been discussed in this post.

The ‘Insights tab’ aggregated within Creator Studio’s Facebook section is a powerful tool for those wanting to track their user interaction on their page. When using Facebook for business, you need to take a well-structured path that ties your social media efforts to real business goals.

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The Insights tab helps you understand your video performance, audience demographics, who’s returning to view your content and your earnings through your videos.

So, let’s break-down on what all features, the Insight tab has in store for us.

To find it, go to “Creator Studio” and click on “Insights.”

As you can see, you can also link your Instagram business page, making it easier to manage.

Insights include 5 metrics:

    – How your video is performing
    – Follow the activity of the followers on your page
    – View the age & gender of your engaged followers
    – Track how long are people watching your videos
    – Understand how your content is monetizing

Starting with Metric “PERFORMANCE “–

This metric helps you analyze how your video is performing across the platform.

As you can see in the above picture, it’s divided into 5 sections –

  • Minutes Viewed
  • 1-Minute Video Views
  • 3-Second Video Views
  • Engagement
  • Net Followers

We will get into the details later, but first, let’s see how you can view your videos and what kind of videos you can view.


You can change the date presets according to your preferred dates you want to see the performance of the videos you have posted. From the ‘present-day’ to ‘this quarter’ to ‘customized dates’.


You can view 3 different types of videos –

Videos Posted By You

Crossposted Videos

Shared Videos

Now let’s get into the performance metrics:

1) Minutes viewed –

It is the total number of minutes your videos have been viewed, including which videos your audience is watching for the most time. It also includes any time spent replaying the video.

2) 1-minute video views 

“1-minute video views” is the number of times a video was played for at least 1 minute, excluding time spent replaying the video.

3) 3-second video views –

The number of times your videos were played for at least three seconds, or for nearly their total length, if they’re shorter than three seconds, within the selected time range. During a single instance of a video playing, excluding any time spent replaying the video.

4) Engagement –

5) Net Followers

The number of new followers minus the number of “Unfollows” during the set period. Any new followers who have joined the page will be counted once per period.

When you scroll further down, you can see the top videos that have made the most interaction.

When you click on the video, it shows more insights into the video & its performance.

This metric basically shows the “Follower Activity” on your video. How many people have followed or unfollowed you over the selected time period. Similar to the date presets in the “Performace metric”, you can view the follower loyalty accordingly.


Net followers are the number of new followers minus the number of people who unfollowed during the set time period. Any new followers who have joined the page will be counted once per period.

Returning viewers are people who viewed at least 1 minute of one of your videos in the previous week & returned to view 1 minute of at least one video the following week.
It even provides a summary of the highest percentage of returning views.



Categorization of your engaged viewers & followers in the 7-day or 14-day period. They are first categorized in Engaged Viewers, 1-Minute Viewers New Followers.

1) Age and Gender–View the age and gender of your viewers and followers. Both can be viewed separately as well.

2) Countries , Language and Interests –

The top locations where your engaged viewers watch your videos. The top languages that your engaged viewers prefer to use. Interests your engaged viewers have on Facebook.

3) Pages that your viewers like and video that they are watching

These are the Pages that your viewers also liked or followed and these are the popular videos on Facebook that your viewers are watching.

4) Top Audience –
A demographic breakdown of your top audience.


This helps you gain knowledge of how long the viewers are engaged in your content. Improving & increasing your viewer retention will increase the likelihood that Facebook will show your videos to more people.

1) Average time spent people watching
This shows how many minutes, people are watching your videos for on average.

2) How long are people watching for-
During a single instance of a video playing, Facebook counts video views separately and exclude any time spent replaying the video.
Track the number of video views for three seconds, 15 seconds and one minute videos for the selected time period.
It is further broken down in Summary.

You can also view which video was trending during the selected time period.

You can also view the percentage and video view rate of the videos.

Understand when your viewers are dropping off when watching your videos over the selected time period.

Further scrolling down, you can view video details of individual videos.


Use this section to understand how your content is monetizing and how earnings are trending over time. Also, see earnings insights from your videos with ad breaks. Get to know key metrics such as Rate Per Minute (RPM), so you can maximize your earnings. If you have multiple pages, choose the page you want to see insights from.

Your earning insights are further broken down to –
1) Estimated Earnings –
An estimate of the amount that you earned from ad breaks in your videos, based on the number of impressions. The final payments may differ from this estimate.

2) Monetizable view RPM –
This is the money that you earn for every 1,000 1-minute or longer view of your videos with ad breaks. An increase in your monetizable view RPM indicates that you’re making more money from the same amount of views.
3) 1-minute video views –
This number includes all views of one minute or longer for all of your videos containing ad breaks. Views of videos without ad breaks are not included.

Now go ahead & take your Facebook strategy to the next level.

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