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How to access Content Library on Facebook

Content Library on Facebook

Digital being a new era, your brand has to have an online brand availability and accessibility. According to statistics, Facebook has more than two billion active users, which makes it the best platform to advertise your business/brand or start a page for it. This not only makes it a valuable asset  for your business but also an impossible platform to ignore. The fact is that being on Facebook makes it easier for people to discover and interact with your brand online.

Facebook launched Creator Studio in September 2018, thereby giving global creators, a powerful tool to understand how their content is performing and to help them manage their Pages.

The Content library tab within Creator Studio’s Facebook section gives you an overview of all video, photo, link and text posts from the Facebook Pages that you have filtered.

So, let’s dive into how to access the content library on your Facebook Business Page.

1)  To find it, log into your Facebook Page, go to “Publishing Tools

2) Under “Tools” click on “Creator Studio.”

3) A new tab opens with all the creator studio features. Click on ‘Content library’

4) The interface of Creator Studio’s Home is split into four sections.

a) Center – posts that you have published  – you can also search for a post using keywords contained in it through the ‘Search’ box next to the ‘Filter’ dropdown.

b) Right – insights of the posts – status of the post, date published, details and distribution.

c) Top – you can opt to see posts from the previous seven days, and information about the number of posts published, scheduled, as well as drafts made in the past 28 days. Even the posts that have expired & expiring.

d) Left – menu, which allows you to access different views of Creator Studio.

5) Videos from other pages you can crosspost on your page.

You can take certain actions on your posts by ticking the box to the left of the item. Different actions are available depending on your Page role and the format of the post that you’ve selected:

  • Edit Post
  • Boost post
  • Prohibit others from embedding the post
  • Expire the post
  • Delete the post
  • Change the date of the post so that it appears lower on your Page’s timeline

Now go ahead & take your Facebook strategy to the next level.

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