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How to add a website in Google Analytics?

How to add website in Google-Analytic

Nowadays every business has its own website to be present online. People get inquisitive to know what activities take place on their website. For tracking all the information of a website, there is analytics software, Google Analytics provided by Google.

Google Analytics is one of the most illustrious, free analytics software, used to track visitors on your website. It helps you to track how visitors find your websites, what they look, how much time they spend there and much more.

There are two ways of adding a new website to Google Analytics. First is by creating a new Google Analytics account and second is by creating a new property in an existing analytics account.

Both ways are explained below.

A) How to add a website in new Google Analytics Account

Follow the steps below to add a new website.

  • Create a new Google Analytics account.
  • Fill all the details and then click on Get Tracking Id, you will see the new Google’s
    global script.
  • Copy the global tag and paste into the head section of all your website pages.Once you add the code, send test traffic to verify the setup.

B) How to add a new website/Property to existing Google Analytics Account

Step1:    Login to your Google analytics account
Step 2:  Once you are logged in, click on the Admin on the bottom of the left menu.

Step 3:  Select the account name in which you will add the property/website. Then Click on “+ Create Property” option from the drop down  menu.

You can have 100 analytics accounts under a single Google account.You can add upto 50 websites/properties in one account.

Make sure that only web has to be chosen and click NEXT.   

Step 4: Now fill the requisite details such as Website Name, Website URL, Industry Category and Reporting Time Zone and click on create.

Then you will be asked to agree the terms and conditions. You have to mark both checkbox and click on “I Accept”.

Step 5: Then, you will see the Google’s global script. This Global Site Tag (gtag.js) is the tracking code for this specific property and now this code needs to be copied and pasted to head section of all your website pages.

Now,new website is successfully added to Google analytics. You can easily delete the property anytime.

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