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How to Maintain High Conversion Rate during the COVID-19 Outbreak

Maintain High Conversion Rate during the COVID-19 Outbreak

COVID-19 has successfully managed to establish itself on this globe and because of this, everything has come to a halt. Since, there is no cure as of now, physicians, doctors, scientists all across the globe are focussing on prevention. when we talk about prevention, social distancing has proven to be the most useful method. Governments across the globe have imposed lock down to stop functioning of everything other than essential services. The impact of this has been visible on the online businesses too that are struggling to keep their revenue intact.This is possible only by retaining the conversion rate and for this you will have to implement a number of strategies.

Here are the Strategies to follow:-

Analyse Popular Topics And Keywords

It’s very important for a business to focus on COVID-19 during these hard times as this is the trending topic right now. This would mean using information and content with keywords related to this pandemic as they are the most searched these days. By using content and offsite content related to this pandemic in association with your industry specific content and keywords, you can actually easily pull lots of traffic towards your website. But the only stipulation here is that the content should be of really high quality, informative and most importantly, in compliance with Google’s latest rules. With this strategy, you can actually build closer relationships with your prospective customers during these difficult times.

This strategy can be implemented successfully with the help of numerous tools out of which, a very useful one is the Google algorithms. This algorithm and other tools can be used to analyse online data and identify what kinds of corona virus-related content is more popular. Based on this research work, you would easily find out keywords that traffic on the Internet is using these days and use them in your content to make it more searchable.

Share Corona Virus-Related Content

Creating corona virus related content is one thing, but experts of digital marketing believe that a lot of traffic can be pulled by sharing COVID-19 related informative content too. This means you can use keywords related to this pandemic in your content strategy in such a way that your blog posts, articles, etc. become informative as well as promoters of your business. According to the expert, sharing corona virus related tips in blog posts will show your audience that you stay concerned and care about their well-being.

For example –

if you are working in the tech industry, you can share tips and strategies to keep your business afloat during these times of crisis. Content like home workouts and healthy recipes have become extremely popular as many people are isolated at their homes.Then, there is another strategy of creating dedicated feed for COVID-19 related products, services, information and so on. Of course, make sure that the navigation is easy so that the audience does not get annoyed due to slow loading pages or complex navigation.

Don’t Pitch Your Products

Getting your message delivered to the audience is one thing, but to make it full of impact, you need to fully understand the situation and act accordingly. This means that again, you will have to make some shifts, but this time in your marketing strategies and in this regard, the most recommended thing is to avoid hard selling of the products. Be prepared to leave profits for some time and solely focus on retaining the conversion rate and in fact, the client retention too. Focussing or even thinking about profit can backfire and during this period of crisis, affording a backfire may not be possible for every business.

In this regard, experts say that instead of pitching your products in front of the customers, try and show support and compassion to the audience and show yourself in “support-mode” to the customers. This has been the most important strategy adopted by bigger companies as they have stepped out to support their customers in fighting this pandemic called novel coronavirus.

Doing this is extremely easy and you can simply ask yourself as to how you can do this. Based on the assessment, you can hand over the support and you don’t have to spend millions for this. Some steps that you can take are making some of your services free during this COVID-19 phase or you can even drop the costs of your services and in turn, you will get grateful and permanent customers.

Update Your Ad Messaging

Ad message has a huge role in enticing your customers towards a particular product or service and during this pandemic period, the ad messaging too would require a bit of alteration.Experts recommend creating a new ad message that is in view of the current global situation and they believe that this can have a dramatic impact on the mindset of the traffic.You can create ads mentioning geographical location and even the ads mentioning the ongoing crisis or pandemic can positively impact your performance.

With these minor changes here and there in the ad messaging, you will see the hearts of the customers melting down in your favour and this will put a positive impact on the business’s conversion rate.

Travelling is banned across the globe because of this pandemic and in such situations; there is no use of placing travel related ads. Alternatively, ads related to COVID-19 and related information would be very successful, if used in the right context.

Experts further recommend avoiding creating a negative brand impression by using ads appropriately and employing contextual targeting.

Use Multichannel Communication

Another very important strategy offered by the experts of digital marketing in terms of improving conversion rate is using multi-channel communication. Regarding this strategy, there is a strong belief that it will impact the conversion rate dramatically and in a positive manner.

Multi-channel communication means interacting with your audiences on a regular basis using more than one method or channel of communication. Common channels of communication are mobile apps, e-mail, website, social media, text messages, etc.

Experts have recommended this strategy because it’s important to ensure that you can reach your audience during the corona virus outbreak. The good thing regarding multi-channel communication is that you’ll be able to stay in touch with all your existing customers and even attract new potential customers. This will also result in improved conversion rate and better traffic when your business finally reopens.

Keep Your Audience Informed

Now the question is what should be the topic or object of this multi-channel communication. The answer is very simple that you should keep your audiences informed regarding everything.
This term, “Everything” would include information regarding this pandemic, the current crisis, the future prospects and some information regarding the business, the upcoming opportunities, the current opportunities and so on.

If there are delivery related delays, you can keep your customers informed about the cause of the delays and this way, you will be able to keep frustration levels under control.Keeping customers informed can also be done by posting regular updates on the website regarding any potential delays or other corona-related announcements.

Add Relevant Visuals

Another very important strategy that will help you in improving conversion rate is using relevant visuals, as they will grab the attention more than your other content would. But here too, care has to be taken and use only relevant and appropriate images that are related to the business, products or services.

Keeping focus on infographics is also a very important strategy and these strategies could be related to your products and services and not to mention, the trending topic, i.e. COVID-19.
With the help of these infographics, you can show your customer how your customers can safely manage the products in a fun and simple way.

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