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How to manage your Online Reputation during the COVID-19 Crisis

Online Reputation during the COVID-19 Crisis

Coronavirus (COVID-19) spread is not only causing damage to our health but also changing our daily lives too. The schools and businesses are closing, stock market is chaotic and people are taking precautions to protect themselves and others against this virus. During this tough time, organizations are not only protecting the health of their employees but also protecting the health of their brand’s reputation as well.

Here are some steps you can take to manage your online reputation during this health emergency:-

1. Update Your Listings and Hours

Take your time to check the listings across Google, social media and other review sites. The four main Google ranking signals that are name, categories, website URL and Google reviews should remain consistent across all the industries. Update your business listings if there is any change in working hours, business closure, contact details or change in location. This will protect your reputation from frustrated customers who are attempting to visit your business.

2. Monitor and Respond to Customer Concerns Quickly

During the Coronavirus crisis, brands can protect their reputation by monitoring and responding to customer reviews and social comments within 24 hours. This will show that you are listening to your customers and take their concerns seriously. If you neglect to respond to your reviews on time, you are then damaging your brand’s credibility and loosing trust of your customers.

3. Engage Customers across all Platforms

All kinds of Businesses are receiving an influx of questions for the guidance regarding your product or service. You need to be prepared to answer the questions with accurate information that your customers are looking across Quora, Twitter and other social platforms.

4. Publish Informative Content

Publish the informative content with recent announcements and WHO information about Coronavirus. Organizations should announce their product availability and other corporate messages on the website to update the client as circumstances change throughout the crisis.

5. Update Google Business Listing

Google has officially updated its guidance regarding temporary closures of businesses affected by COVID-19. A temporarily closed business will not affect search ranking and will be treated the same as an open business. If your business is affected by this pandemic COVID-19, you just have to update your “Google My Business Page” and provide most accurate information to your customers.

6. Stay Positive and Alert

The threat of coronavirus outbreak is stressful for your business and customers alike and how you handle it in this uncertainty can affect your reputation even after the crisis passes.

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