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Top Content Marketing Tools and How They Could Help a Business

The concept of content marketing is changing and to cope up with the change and also to use it in a better, we need smarter tools. Yes, there are tools present to assist you in the process and even better news is that they continue to get more and more advanced. Here in this blog post, we will get an in-depth overview of some of the most trending content management tools. So, here goes the list.

  • Keyword Research and Content Ideation Tools
  • Content Management and Re-Packaging Tools
  • Semantic Research Tools
  • Search Engine Optimization Tools
  • Content Marketing Tools
  • Analytics and Conversion Optimization Tools
  • Content Outreach Tools
  • Competitive Intelligence Tools

All the names given above are very advanced and latest in the market and hence, they need a spotlight, so let us start with the first one, i.e. Keyword Research and Content Ideation Tool.

Keyword Research and Content Ideation Tools

Featured Snippet+ Tool

According to the experts, ever since it came into being, it has evolved a lot and not this FEATURED SNIPPET+ tool offers much more than just featured snippets optimisation. Now it has advanced enough to –

  • Generate “People Also Ask” questions for your whole site and each page
  • Analyse “Searches Related To” to suggest areas of content expansion or more content ideas
  • Show your target query video opportunities
  • Analyse on-page images and suggests areas of improvement

Keywords Nowhere

  • This is basically a Google Chrome extension that works by integrating the most important keyword data as well as related keywords.
  • The main USP is that it can integrate keyword data of search volume as well as CPC, as you start searching for something on Google.
  • Experts tag it as a really wonderful way to estimate the popularity of the query and it will solely focus on the SERPs.

Content Management and Re-Packaging Tools


  • KAJABI is not a tool, but it’s an all-in-one business platform that would help you by consolidating the multimedia content and important assets especially in online courses.
  • The blueprints present there can be very easily used and with them, you can plug your existing content into templates and use for online courses.
  • This platform also allows you to set up subscriptions for monthly access to multiple courses and even host a branded mastermind chat forum.
  • This is why one thing is said very frequently about KAJABI that “Kajabi Handles Everything” in the word, “Everything”, you can add file hosting and website building to email marketing automation and landing page building.
  • The benefit is that you can put all the most valuable resources altogether and promote your brand to get some really genuine and longlasting audience.

Semantic Research Tools


  • In terms of semantic research tools, the first name to emerge in the mind is of TEXT OPTIMISER that by the way in not a new tool at all.
  • But yes, it has recently been updated and this update has made it the most advanced tool in terms of content marketing.
  • The new feature added to it is “Sentence Builder” that works by exploring the relation between the chosen concepts and based on that analysis, build sentences.
  • These sentences would be created in such a way that the important terms would be a very close proximity.
  • According to the experts, this tool has emerged as a very useful method of understanding the topic better and based on that, create well-optimised and unique content.

Another name in terms of semantic research tools is of the INLINKS and this one is unique because it uses Google’s API to help you create and then, optimise your content. This tool will help you in three key areas –

  • Instantly Optimize Your Internal Link Structure, With Semantic In-Text Internal Links
  • Generate Schema.Org Mark-Up Automatically (For Knowledge Graph Optimization And Possibly Rich Snippet Opportunities)
  • Optimize Your Content Around The Semantic Search

Search Engine Optimization Tools

Content King

  • In terms of search engine optimisation tools, the first name that deserves a mention here is CONTENT KING and it is basically a very innovative suite.
  • It would function by analysing all the content present on the website and suggest areas of performance and other than this; it will monitor the content to alert you, as soon as something broken is discovered.
  • Experts back this tool by tagging it as the best way to segment the entire content, efficiently organise and then, prioritise it.
  • This is basically a rank tracking, reporting and backlink monitoring platform and in the recent times, it has emerged as a very useful alternative of several other feature-rich, yet less affordable tools.
  • This tool is better than all other SEO tools because it offers filters, branded keyword tracking, visibility analysis and more.

Content Marketing Tools


In terms of content marketing tools, the first name that deserves a mention here is, “CONTENTCAL” and it is basically a cross-channel tool that can also support collaboration.
Its top USP is that it can unite the entire team to run towards one goal, i.e. creating engaging and high quality social media tools. The interesting fact is that it is not a new tool, but has been recently updated with the following features being added –

  • Web Clipper: An easy way to add updates to your social media calendar
  • Notebook: Store your to-do list, ideas or briefs on a Calendar-wide basis
  • Snippets: Save frequently used phrases or hashtags as a Snippet and add to any post in just 2 clicks
  • Publish Times: Discover your “best times to post” in ContentCal Analytics and ensure that you’re publishing when your audience are online
  • Time Randomizer: Save time scheduling your content by letting the tool select a time slot for you automatically
  • Library (Content Hub): Keep past and future updates in one location to easily re-use at any point

Analytics and Conversion Optimization Tools


  • FINTEZA is basically an online platform used for web analytics and it allows users to stay focussed towards conversion optimisation. Using this platform, you will be able to set up events, track conversions and visualize your sales funnel. Some unique features of FINTEZA are –
  • You can set up your own unique advertising program on your website and for this; you will no more require third-party solutions
  • You can even use it to re-engage returning visitors by analysing their past behaviour on the website and there is also an option of the custom conversion path.
  • Lastly, with FINTEZA, you can create onsite ads that would successfully bypass ad blockers and give you the opportunity to monetize the site in your own unique way.


  • ALTER is a very useful content recommendation engine that basically runs on AI or Artificial Intelligence and using it, this tool will pull the audience deeper and deeper into the website.
  • This tool is certainly useful because it learns the behaviour of the visitors and based on it, personalise the content to enhance on-page engagement.
  • In simpler words, using the artificial intelligence of this tool, you can prioritize any of your articles or landing pages to be suggested more frequently.

Content Outreach Tools

Link Hunter

  • Modern-day content marketing campaigns are impossible to imagine without including email outreach into it and this is where tools like LINKHUNTER gets into “business-mode”.
  • This tool has emerged as the most advanced and useful alternative to several outreach tools because of several reasons.
  • One feature is that it is very say to set up and then, other features make it immensely useful as far as content marketing is concerned.
  • It can do everything ranging from prospectus discovery to even email status tracking and these features make it an ideal tool for small to medium sized businesses.

Competitive Intelligence Tools

Competitors App

This new tool is absolutely clutter-free and it would work as an advance platform to monitor all your competitors and their digital marketing related strategies. This too will track the following –

  • Your competitors’ organic positions
  • Their advertising campaigns and ad performance
  • Email marketing campaigns
  • Social media updates and the growth of their social media channels
  • Their website changes and on-site content updates, etc.

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