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How to setup Google ads conversion tracking in Shopify

Shopify is a commerce platform provided by a Canadian multinational e-commerce company. It is also an easy to use online store builder trusted by over a million stores. Shopify allows anyone to set up the store to start selling products online, grow and manage a business.

If you develop your online store on Shopify and use Google ads service to grow your business for generating revenue, then Google Ads conversion tracking can help you track actions by people on your website by just clicking on one of your Google ads. For example, through conversion tracking, you can see which one of your Google ads generates the most sales on your online store.

Google ads conversion tracking setup in Shopify

Before moving on further, make sure not to duplicate conversion tracking for your Shopify store. For example, if you are already using Shopify’s Google channel, then it automatically adds conversion tracking events to your Google ads account in setting up process.

Your store might have duplicate conversion tracking events if you set up the custom Google conversion tracking through theme code edits in your website or through a third-party application. It can create inaccurate report data and problems with ad optimization. So you can disable duplicated conversion tracking through your Google Ads account when setting up the custom conversion tracking.

How to set up Google Ads conversion tracking

You need to create a conversion action to set up Google ads conversion tracking on your website, install the global site tag on all your website pages, and then add the event snippet. If you are going to tracking purchases on your website, then you will also need to edit the event snippet to adjust the value of the conversion based on the purchase amount.

Step 1: Create a conversion action for your website in Google ads

Follow the below instructions to create a conversion action in Google ads. Purchase is one of the most common kinds of conversion action for Shopify website. So I will go with that.

  • Login to you Google ads account
  • In the upper navigational bar click the “TOOLS & SETTING”, and under measurement click Conversions.
  • Click on the plus button in blue colour.
  • Click the website in start tracking conversion window.
  • Complete the conversion tracking action form as following.
  • Click-through Conversion window. It sets 30 days by default. Select how long to track conversions after an ad interaction from the drop-down. You have the option to select between 1 to 90 days. I selected by default 30 days.
  • View-through conversion window. By default, it set 1 day. It can be 1 to 30 days, select from the drop-down.
  • Include in “Conversions” This setting, selected by default – allows you to decide whether or not include data for this conversion action in your “Conversions” reporting column. If you uncheck this setting, data will still be included within the “All conversions” column. You would possibly want to uncheck this setting if you employ Smart Bidding, and you do not want to incorporate this particular conversion action in your bid strategy.
  • Attribution model – By default, it set the Last click, I’m going thereupon after selecting from the sink
  • Click Create and continue.

Step 2: Install the global site tag on the website’s every page

After completing the step “create a conversion action”, you need to install the global site tag on every page of your website. Multiple options are available to install a global site tag.

  • Choose Install the tag yourself.
  • In the Global site tag section, select the option to install tag on your site. The generated code depends on your selection. I select the first options.
  • Copy the global site tag code
  • Open your Shopify admin in another browser and click Online Store.
  • Then Click Actions >> Edit code, and open your website “theme.liquid” file.
  • Now paste the copied global site tag between theandtags to apply the tag to every page in your store
  • Click Save
  • Step 3: Install the event snippet

After installing the global site tag on your website every page, now you need to add the event snippet to your checkout page. The event snippet tracks a conversion as soon as somebody clicks one of your Google ads and reaches the checkout page on your online store.

1. In Google ads, select the page load option in Event Snippet

2. Copy the event snippet code and go to your Shopify dashboard, and click Settings >> Checkout

3. Then go to section Order processing and in the Additional scripts text box paste the event snippet code. If you already have code in the additional script text box then add the event snippet code on a new line below the existing code.

4. If a customer reloads the checkout page, then Google Ads might record a duplicate conversion. To prevent this conversion, you need to add tags, before and after your event snippet code, so that it triggers once per customer:

a). On the line before the snippet, paste {% if first_time_accessed %}.

b). On the line after the snippet, paste {% endif %}.

5. The default conversion value is “1.0“. And if the conversion action you’re tracking purchases on your online store, then the value of each conversion will be different. To track a different value for each conversion, replace the line beginning with ‘value’: with one of the following snippets:

a). To exclude taxes and shipping from the conversion amount, replace it with this snippet:

‘value’: {{ checkout.subtotal_price | money_without_currency }},

b). To include taxes and shipping in the conversion amount, replace it with this snippet:

‘value’: {{ checkout.total_price | money_without_currency }},

6. The default transaction ID is blank. To prevent Google Ads from recording duplicate conversions, next to ‘transaction_id’: replace ” with ‘{{ order.order_number }}’

After editing everything you event snippet code would be looking like this.

7. Click Save

To make sure your tag is functioning well, check the tracking status on the Conversion actions page in your Google Ads account. It might take a couple of hours for the conversion tracking tag to point out as verified.

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