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Google Link Spam Algorithm Update Is Here

Google Link Spam Algorithm Update

Google has rolled out the new algorithm update on July 26  named the “link spam update”.  The algorithm update that will be deployed in the next two weeks is more effective at spotting and revoking link spam across multiple languages.

Some points here:

  • Link Spam Update is the name (not with a date, like Link Spam Update July 2021)
  • Started Monday, July 26th
  • It will take two weeks to roll out
  • Global and multilingual update
  • Nullify spammy links but not penalize them (just not count them versus not penalize the site)
  • Ignoring links will feel like a penalty
  • Nofollow is fine, you do not need to use rel sponsored
  • Google won’t say how much this will impact the search results

If there is a drop in your rankings over the next couple of weeks, it might be related to this link spam update.

Site owners have to ensure that they follow the best practices on both incoming and outgoing links. The focus should be on providing high-quality content and exceptional user experience than promoting manipulated links. Promote site awareness with tagged links and monetize it with properly tagged affiliate links.

In conclusion, Google’s Link Spam Algorithm update highlights the importance of businesses taking charge of their online presence. Companies must have the expertise and strategic skills to navigate these updates effectively. Choosing the right company is crucial for businesses looking for a dependable partner in this ever-changing digital landscape. If you are looking for the best digital marketing partner, contact the best digital marketing company in India that can offer customized solutions to ensure that businesses maintain their online visibility credibility and thrive in the constantly evolving online world.

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