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Google Core Update June/ July 2021

Google Core Update 2021

Everyone knows Google is the king of search engines and brings out regular core updates to improve its search results. Google updates happen almost daily, but the major updates are known as core updates and they usually are scheduled in advance, but not always. It’s made to redesign the algorithms of Google, to make it more inclined towards its mission of bringing authoritative and more relevant content to its numerous searches, and also to stay on top of its business.

This is no bluff, but Google handles 1.2 trillion searches in a year and 40,000 searches a second and so it wants to do its job diligently. It wants to provide people with relevant content in answer to their searches, rather than some content, which doesn’t make sense but is overstuffed with the most searched keywords. This wouldn’t serve the purpose of the person trying to get some real information on the particular topic at hand and Google doesn’t want this to happen to anyone, who uses its search engine.

They want to be of real help to people and bearing this in mind bring out regular updates and core updates once in a while. The June core update happened on June 2nd  and ended on June 12th . Usually, Google updates used to go only up to 4-5 days, but this time around, it ran up to a total of 10 days. And inspite of that, it had announced that again it’s going to make a core update in July, as the whole core update can’t be formulated all at once, so it has to be done in parts. These Google Algorithmic changes cause websites to lose their position and ranking and have a direct impact on their business.

The purpose of this blog is to give you some tips to recover websites from Google’s core update.

SEO is very dynamic. You can’t depend on traditional SEO all the time, but need to upgrade yourself, in abreast with the changing Google algorithms. Whenever Google comes out with new core updates, you too need to make appropriate changes to your SEO strategies. You should have a reliable SEO company besides you, who’s able to recover your SERP, if it has been affected by the recent Google update. This company should be able to do it quickly too.

Ways to recover a website from Google core update:

The E-A-T tactics

EAT stands for Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness and these 3 things are vital in improving the ranking of a declining website. This can be attained by having a dedicated page of the author’s bios, whoever has written blogs or content for your website. This is especially true for YMYL content, like Health, make money online, etc. The simple reason being, if you have famed authors on your website, who have written the blogs or content for you, it creates a good impression on everyone. This makes the content on your website more trustworthy, which in turn improves the ranking of your website.

Increase the faith of visitors to your website

This can be done; by including awards, certifications, etc. on your site. This improves the trustworthiness of your website. Trustworthiness is an important aspect of E-A-T, remember. If people start trusting your brand, then automatically they’ll start trusting the content on your website.

Create backlinks, which are powerful

Regular checking of your backlink profile or the backlinks coming in from other websites is mandatory. In this regard, you also need to fill your website with useful and relevant content. You also will have to keep updating and upgrading your content on a regular basis.

There shouldn’t be an overdose of Call to Action on your website

Every single page needn’t have the call to action, as you’ll seem unusually persuasive, which might give rise to mistrust in the mind of the reader. Too much of anything is not a good thing, you must have heard in the past and this holds true out here too. So, if you currently doing it, do stop it.

Too many ads may cause inconvenience to the visitors of your website 

It’s good to have ads on your website, we aren’t advising you not to have a single ad, but rather to have a limited number of ads, as too many ads may distract the visitor from the real purpose and content.

Here is how a good Digital Marketing company will help you recover from Google Updates

If you are starting on a new online venture, then ensure that you get your website designed by a professional and see to it that it’s SEO-friendly too. It should also be easy to navigate your site and the content should be understandable, in the sense, shouldn’t be of that high level that the reader is not even able to follow what is written on your website, but shouldn’t be vice-versa either. An experienced digital marketing company can only help you recover from Google Updates and also from future Google Updates. Recovery of your website’s SERP is of vital importance and you know it very well. So do a thorough search for an experienced and effective digital marketing company.

They’ll help you with other things also, which includes the following:

  • Conducts in-depth analysis of your website, to assess its weaknesses and strengths and will provide you with a report of the same at regular intervals.
  • Multiple resources are their core strength and only reputed SEO companies will have the same.
  • They have the best staff and resources to resolve any of your issues, related to digital marketing and SEO.
  • All the right tools are at their fingertips, to check for the trajectory of your website and take necessary action if required.
  • They have experienced personnel, who understand Google algorithms well and are able to find solutions to problems that are affecting your search engine ranking.

If you are looking for the best digital marketing company in India, contact Brandconn Digital. It is a well-known and experienced company that can help you in times of distress, like the current scenario, where Google is bringing about Google Updates on a regular basis and Core Google Updates quite frequently. We will help you sail through the updates smoothly and keep your website from suffering as a result of it. Contact us to avail of our SEO services.

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