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Web Design VS Web Development – Which Is More Vital For Your Business?

Web Design VS Web Development

According to figures, there are more than 1.5 billion websites present on the World Wide Web. Nowadays, websites command the internet and hence possess a lot of power and that is the reason for the surge in the volume of websites. Every small or big company wants to own a website these days, as the vast majority of the global population are moving towards digitalization and want to do their daily activities from the comfort of their homes, like shopping for practically every need and service. Hence businesses need to keep up with this current trend and here the role of web designers and developers comes very much at the forefront and is an indispensable part of the current business scenario.

Everything about your website can break or make your business, so you need to exercise extreme caution, as to how you’ll go about building the website for your business. You can create leads only through a website and it is the most crucial tool to make the online traffic aware of your brand and services. Even if one aspect of your website is not well-developed, then it results in loss of business, as it’ll result in loss of clients. A well-developed website can influence the mind of your customer to a great extent, more than you can imagine. Here is some data to prove how the effectiveness and ineffectiveness of website designing and development can adversely affect your business. Hence choosing a good website design company India is of utmost significance:

  • The layout of a website is very important for it to be user-friendly. Nobody is comfortable navigating through a non-user-friendly website and data shows 38% of public wouldn’t want to be on such a website.
  • 47% of the web traffic expects any web-page to load within 2 seconds.
  • First impression is the best impression is a phrase you must have heard multiple times and here too it’s applicable. 97% online users judge a web business based on its website design.
  • 62% website owners noticed an increase in sales after going in for responsive website design.
  • 64% of the web surfers like to see the contact information on the home-page.

These above pointers and figures are an indication as to how little things matter a lot in motivating a random visitor to your website to become a loyal customer. So, website design India as well as web development are factors, which contribute towards this conversion.  Hence, it’s better to outsource website design to India. Getting it done by pros gives you peace of mind and the leverage required over your competitors.

How does a good website design India influence your loading time?

A good wordpress website developer will lower your loading time, by using compressed image files, and only a proficient wordpress website design services India will be able to achieve it for you, hence you must choose one with advanced research on the internet and with utmost precision.

How good web development can aid in lowering your loading time?

A good wordpress website developer will ensure that he uses CSS sprites for improving the network for delivery and advanced techniques for file compression.

So what you can conclude is that the issue of slow loading of your website can only be overcome with the help of a good wordpress web design company India and a good web development company India. So web designing and web development are like two wheels of the same vehicle and any defunct in it can adversely impact the online business of your company.

Listed below are some of the top queries regarding Wesbite Design V/s Website Development doing the rounds on the internet:

  • What is a website design and web development in brief?
  • What are the different parts of web development and web design?
  • What are the different skill sets for web designers and web developers?
  • What are the various tools used in web development and web designing?
  • What are the different types of web designers and web developers?
  • Who should be hired? Web designers or web developers

The answers to these queries are given below. They are based on the practical experiences and studies of the website designing and Development Industry. It’s an effort to familiarise you with both sides of the coin without staying biased.

What is Web Design  v/s Web Development in Brief?

  • Website Design – As far as website design is concerned, it’s all about how it appeals to the human eye. So unless your website design is eye-catchy and appealing, nobody will proceed to the next level from a random visitor to becoming your loyal customer and if your leads are not converted, then it can adversely impact the sales of your online firm.
  • Website Development – Once a random visitor decides to navigate your site, then website development is the one and the only thing that can create magic, ease in navigation, if it’s an eCommerce site, able to find the shopping cart easily, payment getaway system, which is easy and fast to use in place, etc. So in actuality, other than website design India, what matters most is the wordpress website developer. So a perfect website is made, when a web designer works in cohesion with the web developer. The artistic skills of a designer are worked with the efficiency and effectiveness of a developer to give the end-user a seamlessly flowing, easily navigable, quickly loading website.

After understanding the concept of web design vs web development in a brief, let us explore their various parts.

web design company India

Web Design Services Include:

Web Design – This is for simple websites, wherein services of a wordpress web design company is used to get a state-of-the-art website. Here wordpress website design services India uses content management systems, which are suitable for smaller websites.

UX DesignHere the user experience also needs to be focused on, which involves human behaviour study and data research.

UI Design This involves the graphics, typography, and design of the concerned website.

UX/UI Design Where user experience as well as user interface, are involved.

 Web Development Services Include:

Front-end DevelopmentThis is purely concerned with the client; using technologies like HTML, JavaScript, and CSS.

Back-end Development – This is concerned with the server-side websites.

Full-Stack Development – This involves both front-end, as well as back-end development.

So, by now you must have got a fair idea as to web designing and web development work in collaboration with each other to give you a visually appealing and efficiently functioning website.

Hence, it can be concluded that neither web design nor web development is superior to the other. Both should be given equal weightage by online business owners to get their desired sales. If any of these aspects are ignored, it can adversely impact your business.

Brandconn is one such company located in Delhi, which can do both these functions; Website Designing as well as Web Development for you and get your online business soaring high on the worldwide web.

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