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What is Local SEO and How to Rank Your Local Business?

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Local SEO put in simple terms means targeting the customers in the local area of your brick and mortar entity. As everybody knows, all businesses still don’t operate only online, but have physical stores and they may be new to online. So, to start with, you must always concentrate on only Google, who holds 92% of the market share for search engines. Bing and Apple can be tackled later. Hence, hand over your SEO responsibilities to a seo company India. If you are a start-up or even if you are new to online, you may need professional help.

The benefits of Local SEO:

  1. Local SEO is much cheaper than other SEO – The simple reason being, it’s easier to reach the target audience in this case than on the global front. Avail the help of SEO services India and see it’s a less costly affair than targeting the global audience.
  2. Recommending your business to others is a big possibility – If they become your repeat customers, then there is a great possibility that they’ll tell their friends living in the same vicinity about your business.
  3. Geo-located clients – These are clients, who are located in the same geographical area as that of your physical store, but the source through which they locate you is online and this happens only because you have engaged the services of Local SEO services India and hence Local SEO helps you to get repeat clients from the near-by places, staying close to your offline store.
  4. Increase in leads – You get more leads, in the sense, these are visitors who are directed to your establishment through your promotion, by way of Local SEO. There are a lot of possibilities that they may not buy on their first visit, but the chances of them visiting again are high and buying may happen on their second visit.
  5. Competition is directed in the right direction – With Local SEO, you’ll be competing with only business operators from your area.
  6. GMB Reviews – This is very vital for the growth of your business, as many informed clients read reviews about your business on various sites and then only visit your website. So having positive reviews written on various different forums is a must to get good leads. These are known as Google my Business Reviews and there are chances, you might even get negative reviews, but ensure that you clarify the negative reviews immediately or at least acknowledge them and promise to work on it.
  7. It’s not mandatory to have a website for local SEO to work in your favour – Website is not compulsory, for Local SEO company India to work things out in your favour, as GMT account enables users to get the relevant information they require to engage with you.
  8. Better Goodwill – As you know the whole business community runs on goodwill, so if you are well-positioned by Google, then customers start trusting you, from the point of view that, if Google has raised you high, then there must be something good about your business.
  9. Google Maps – Google Maps is an important tool, by which Local SEO strategies work in your favour, as clients are very happy and find it convenient when the map shows the direction on how to reach your establishment, the shortest possible route to take and how long it will take.

Remember, Google strives to bring about ways and means to be user-friendly to its customers worldwide. But how you tap the various tools introduced by Google in your favor entirely depends on you. Implementing local SEO with a GMT account is vital and should be addressed. Therefore, paying attention to it and seeking the assistance of outsourced SEO services or experienced SEO experts in India is recommended to make the most of it.

Which kind of businesses require Local SEO mostly?

  • Any establishment that has a physical address
  • Any business that operates in a particular geographical location, like a restaurant with home delivery facilities
  • Any business, which provides service in local destinations like locksmiths, plumbers etc.

How does Local SEO work?

First of all, for your Local SEO to work, you must have a GMT (Google My Business) Account. Here for example, when a person puts a search for Plumbers in New York City, he’ll get all the plumbers in the vicinity. Finally whom he chooses is up to him, but his search is narrowed down and under the GMT set-up of Google, your business will be shown up, with it’s name, address and phone (NAP) for short. Your opening and closing hours are visible, which is very beneficial to your clients and we suggest that you outsource SEO services, if you are a start-up, as setting up anything initially, is a little challenging. Even on online portals, customers like to know the opening and closing hours, so that they can approach the help desk to chat on the said website, in which they get interested. Of course, all websites do not have representatives available for chat, but clients always like to know the opening and closing hours of any business.

So for all your Local SEO needs, approach the finest Digital Marketing Company in India, which is We assure you that we’ll give you value for your money and show results within a short span of time.





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