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How To Improve Search Ranking on Google Maps?

Everyone wants a high-ranking presence on the internet these days and why not? You get to do good and lucrative business and connect with clients, not only from your local area but also from the country and around the world. This is why, it is so important to have Google Maps, a crucial marketing tool for any business.

With Google Maps, you get and stand a chance to be discovered by new potential clients and customers alike. You also rise above others, who are competing against you and for sure, you get new business also – all for free! Isn’t that great? But for that, you need to be strongly visible and not just ‘listed’ in the area.

So why rank high on Google Maps?

Before, we tell you how to have a good Google Map rating, you should know why it is so important? According to a lot of research done by seo company India of repute, it is seen that Google Maps is the preferred navigational app used in this day and age. Customers hardly look past the first five results to look for a place, people or things to go to. Hence, it is it is important to have a good rating on Google Maps, should you want to be discovered.

Also, these days customers use a lot of keywords to look for a concept, business or an idea on Google; much more than business names in the search bar. With that said, it is important that the listing of your company comes high on Google Maps, so that potential customers can reach you quickly. The best seo company in India can help you achieve high rankings on Google Maps.

Finally, one should understand that higher the ranking on Google Maps, the better would be the quality of listing and the many ways for you and your customers to engage with one another. This is especially so, where customers use Google Maps to look for businesses or look up one and this helps with boosting engagement with one another.

How to have high rankings on Google Maps?

Now that we have told you WHY you should rank high on Google Maps? With the help of a good seo company India, you can now focus on HOW you should get to the top of the Google Maps listings?

Create a mind-blowing profile and claim it

Do one thing right now- go to Google and search for your business name. Does your business appear on the right-hand side? Does it have an ‘own this business’ title? If NO, it means your business, so-called, has been claimed by someone else. Maybe some old web provider or someone in the office could have claimed your business. What you could do is to request Google to ‘reclaim’ your business. Actually, what happens when you request Google for a claim is that they would send an email to the current owner and give him two weeks to respond.

Complete the profile you have created on Google

There are certain Google My Business elements that you should know of and fill in! For example-

  • Your name
  • What’s your business category- if primary or secondary?
  • What’s the business phone number?
  • What are the business hours?
  • The address of your business
  • Photos -the building, inside the building and the team of workers
  • A small pitch or a description of your business
  • Relevant attributes

The information above, which you give to the seo services India should be consistent with what is shown on your website.

Choose the right primary category

If you do not have the right category listed, it could be very detrimental to your business, hence it’s very important to choose the right category. What Google allows you to do is to help set up a primary category and a secondary category for your business. Primary category has got more weightage online. It allows your business to be discovered easily on Google. Most businesses look at this concept as a simple one. A SEO expert India can help you achieve all this.

Here are a few tips to think of, should your business fall into one of the many categories:

  • Take into account the services you best give out and are known for
  • Take into account the services most needed by your new customers
  • Consider the season
  • Create more than one listing for multiple practitioners. For example, in a law firm, each attorney should have their own GOOGLE MY BUSINESS category, with their specifics.

Add plenty of high-quality pictures and photos

With Google My Business, you get to show off your business visually to potential customers. It is a fact that most consumers are attracted to good images and that is how you get good rankings on Google Maps. What the experts at the best outsource seo services india has to offer are listed below-

  • The logo of your company
  • The exterior of the office building
  • The interior of the office building
  • Photos of your team
  • Photos of the team working with your customers

Get good Google reviews

Google reviews are very important for any business; big or small. Not only do they play a vital role in search engine optimization locally, but also customers take a look at online reviews very seriously. And they use the business, only if it has four stars and above.

So, how does one get more reviews? Take a look at your consumer cycle and insert what is known as a ‘review ask’. this could be a written letter or an email or through reputed services online.

Add a good number to your Google My Business

So, what does a ‘good number’ mean? What you need to do is, first Google the industry you have, along with its location and take a look at the competition you have around. This will help you to add an appropriate number for your business.

You must add your business to Google Maps

If you do not have the right Google Maps listing in the first place, done by the right seo expert India, you would not be able to rank high on Google Maps online. So how do you add your business to Google Maps? Here are the steps-

  • Go to
  • Find the name of your business
  • Check to see if it appears in the ‘drop down’ menu. Does it have a location next to it? If yes, then you are listed.
  • If your business name is not listed or does not seem to appear, there would then be an ‘add a missing place’ prompt, next to it.
  • Click that and provide your business name, category and the location of your business.

This was an overview on how to get good Google Map rankings with ease. If you need the best outsource seo services india has to offer to help you, do not hesitate to get in touch with us – We would be glad to help you get the highest rankings on Google Maps and also help you with Google My Business specifics.

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