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Retargeting vs Remarketing: What’s the Difference?

Retargeting vs Remarketing

Remarketing and retargeting are two digital marketing strategies that have been interchangeably used, although they have key differences that should be known to you.

Remarketing and retargeting have similar goals, but if you ask if they are the same technically, the answer would be: they are not. They are very much unlike in strategy – as well as to who they can reach. Often the best people to focus on are those who have come to your website more than a single time and have interacted digitally with you in the past.

Remarketing and retargeting will allow you to reach these potential customers, and they are the ones who probably will go ahead with a purchase and not your first-time visitors.

What is Retargeting?

Retargeting refers to display ads or online ads placement, focusing on targeting audiences who have previously interacted with your site in specific ways but did not make any purchase.

When an online visitor comes to your website and clicks on a product or takes a specific action that you want them to do, a cookie is set in the visitor’s browser. The information provided to you can be used to target the visitor once they leave or bounce from your site. The ads will be placed by Facebook, the Google Display Network, or other third parties, allowing them to trigger on other sites where your visitor visits.

There are two categories of retargeting. Each one has different strategies you can focus on as determined by the kind of interaction you want to target:

  1.  Targeting on-site interactions involves targeting people who have already visited your website and interacted with your products or services previously but did not complete a purchase. Retargeting can improve conversions, and the process can also help retain visitors who have shown interest in your brand.
  2. Targeting off-site interactions. Previously, retargeting used to be limited to on-site behaviour, but not now anymore.

That’s because more users are spending many times on social media. Today the delivery of products and information has been disseminated across other areas, which translates to the fact that audience interaction is not owned by the brand anymore and exists in several places.

What is Remarketing? 

Remarketing is a strategy that engages with customers through emails to persuade them to return to their abandoned shopping cart on your website and complete the purchase. Examples of remarketing include emailing a target to renew a service; and encouraging them to purchase a premium or upgraded version of the product.

The difference between retargeting and remarketing is like sending a salesperson to the mall instead of sending a salesperson to your door. For best results, marketers and e-commerce store owners use both strategies involving a person who has shown interest in your product but has not yet purchased it.


Retargeting and remarketing have a shared goal, and that is to increase conversions.

The difference is how each strategy does it. Retargeting uses paid ads while remarketing uses email marketing. These two strategies indicate everything that we see in digital marketing as a whole.

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