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A Significant Google Algorithm Update Likely To Have Occurred on June 25

Google Algorithm Update

Though there is no confirmation from Google but according to search and analytics data acquired and collected from various tracking tools, apparently on 25th June, a noteworthy Google algorithm update had occurred.

Google has been known (which the search giant has also admitted) to make updates all the time. But this algorithm update is believed to be a significant one because it has affected the ranking positions in a noticeable way. SEMrush has scored this update as 9.5. All the other updates that happened this year fell between 5-7.

Another tracking tool named RankRanger has updated in a blog after analysing the update that this appears to be a long-running update, the likes of which has not been seen since October 2016. The company further states that this recent algorithm update from Google majorly targeted the sites that were ranking in positions 6-10.

Usually any algorithm update from Google attracts a lot of discussion from digital agencies and other search professionals over the web. But the industry seems to be comparatively quiet this time. One of the reasons for this could be that as stated above, the greatest fluctuations were seen amongst sites ranking in positions 6-10. So a big chunk of websites that were not among the slab didn’t feel the heat. Also, the top 5 positions didn’t see any major fluctuation. Usually most of the chatter happens when the top 5 positions are hit by any update.

This may be one of the reasons why the SEO experts are brushing this off and not talking much about this update. Also, there is no confirmation from Google as such about the update.

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