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SEO Mistakes That May Be Negatively Effecting Your Travel SEO

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Many travel websites may be using SEO today, but what is important for such companies to realize is that in travel SEO, content plays a big part in getting the right results. In the previous post, we had discussed some tips to do SEO for a travel website. In this post we will discuss about the importance of having a blog on such sites. Posting blogs on travel sites is a great way to improve your travel SEO performance, but for this to work in a proper manner, you need to avoid making some common SEO mistakes which can reduce the amount of traffic your website receives from search engines.

These mistakes include:

*     Not writing relevant content which is according to what people usually search for now: Travel content should be more about being a response to a search query. For example if someone will search for “places to see in Napa Valley” on Google, they will see links that actually answer this question and not give a description of a holiday package to Napa Valley.  Bloggers should also put in time to find quality keywords before they write their post. This will help you write a more keyword appropriate blog. One can make use of Google Keyword planner to find the right key terms and also check to see their monthly search numbers.

After this you can search the keywords to see competition level on them. There will be keywords that will be extremely competitive but don’t, worry there are plenty of terms that you can still use. Once this is done make use of these keywords for a post and use them in a natural way.

*     Not looking to building deeper links to use as a booster for your SEO: Don’t just link to your home page but try and build deeper rooted links that go to a specific page. This can be a very useful trick to help stay ahead of other blogs with higher domain authority. There are lots of information available online that can help you in better link building

*     Technical mistakes: WordPress is a popular platform that many travel bloggers make use of along with the Yoast SEO plugin, but if you want better results, you need to go beyond this and do so much more:

~     Have internal links on you blogs, connecting related posts to each other.

~     Have category pages for topics for which you have a number of posts.

~     Avoid using multiple tags and go in for creating good category pages.

~     Instead of having a URL as same as your post, have it show your categorizations and site structure. This is way more useful for getting results with your travel SEO services.

Using these tips to your advantage, you can gain quality results from your SEO and your travel blogging with be working to its full capabilities to do effective SEO for travel websites.

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