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Google’s Website for Small Businesses

If you are running a small business and currently do not have the budget to get a full-fledged website created, here is a good news for you.  Google has officially launched a single-page website builder that is specifically designed for small businesses. This new tool is simply called “Website”. The main advantage of this builder is that it is free of cost and also promises to allow small business owners to create and edit websites very easily and in very little time on both; desktop and mobile.

Google’s Website for Small Businesses

Google has created this website builder to increase the number of small businesses who have online presence because according to them, a large 60% of small businesses worldwide do not have their own website.

Website is an extension of Google My Business. This means that in order to make use of this tool, you will need to have a completely filled out GMB listing. Google will automatically extract the information from your GMB listing to create the website. You can then customize your website with your preferred themes, photos, and text.

Google My Business

For more information see Google’s help document.

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