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Importance of Audience Intent in SEO Strategy

Audience intent

The school of thoughts regarding SEO strategy has changed in recent times. As we know, in a business, customer is the king, similarly in a SEO strategy, audience plays a vital role. So does the intent of the audience. Your content strategy must be guided by what people are actually searching for in the website.

Defining Audience Intent

While a user searches on the internet, there is a specific intent attached. It is also observed that needs and intent different from user to user. At times the keyword they type may be entirely different from what they actually want to search. Some keywords can show specific intent while others exhibit a vague focus. So while designing content for your page, you shall have to put yourself in the shoes of the user and devote time thinking what could have been their specific intent of search.

Tips to know Audience Intent

*     What is the kind of content that is in tandem with the visitor’s intent?

*     List down the different intents that a user might have if you find the search being vague and not specific.

*     What kind of content could be useful for the user?

*     How to keep the customer engaged with your content, if you find out the right intent?

Content Strategy as per Audience Intent

When you focus on your audience’s intent, the content should ensure having an aggregation of all these components. The topic and keywords must be at par with the audience intent. A befitting page title and a clean URL would only attract the customer better. Also have a compelling meta description for optimizing the search. Additionally, the page should be aesthetically beautiful, should load promptly and have a user-intuitive layout and navigation.

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