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Preparing Marketers for Mobile-First Index

Mobile-First Index

The current generation thrives on mobiles. From the moment you wake up, your search world is centered around your mobile phone. This has reduced the number of desktop-based queries from users. Google, seeing this increasing trend towards mobile usage has decided to make a transition towards Mobile-First Index. It is still being tested and yet to come live. In this transition phase, it is the best time to get prepared with the smallest nuances of Mobile-First Index.

What should Marketers Expect?

This implies that mobile-friendly websites will lead the game of search engine optimization. The search results that pop up will be entirely based on mobile web content and not desktop content. Thus, a disparity in mobile and desktop content will lead to different search results. Thus, considering Mobile-First Index, marketers now should pay more attention to enhancing the mobile content before anything else. Remember that AMP-enabled pages will also be considered as mobile web content.


Keep a mobile-friendly website

The technology has been designed in a manner that Google uses responsive design, allowing the website to adapt to the screen size of the mobile device. On the contrary, if there is a separate mobile website (, that eases the search indexing procedure as well. It is highly critical in this digital environment to switch to a responsive template. Every business is looking to build an online presence and that too on the mobile space.

Alter Content as per Need

Generally mobile content is short and crisp. But now that indexing would be based on the value of content present in the mobile site, it is important for a marketer to accordingly alter the mobile content, at par with the desktop content. You should also substitute any content that is mismatched with mobile devices including flash videos.

Ensure Site Speed

Site speed is absolutely crucial, more so with Mobile-First Indexing. The speed of the page to be loaded should not come down due to heavy content. This will automatically bring down the user experience.

So, to retain customers, maximizing user experience is ultimately essential. Keep your user engaged in this mobile-first world and enhance your business scope. It is best advisable that businesses take the services of digital agencies and SEO experts in India to make their sites future-ready. Brandconn Digital is a reputable digital agency and professional SEO outsourcing company that provides superior services to its clients across the globe. Contact us for more details on mobile-first index.”


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