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Indexing with Mobile-First Index

With Google’s decision to launch mobile-first indexing, a lot in the digital environment ought to change. Till now, Google did web crawling from the perspective of a desktop browser, which will now shift to a mobile browser angle. These days, with increased search on the mobile, Google has decided to ‘create and rank its search listings’ on the basis of mobile searched content.

Need-to-know Facts


Awaiting update from Google about its official release, it is anticipated that this update is going through the testing phase.

Reason for the Shift in Focus

More number of searches happens over the mobile than on desktop. Google’s prerogative is to provide such mobile users a seamless experience. Previously, users had a dismal experience while searching over the mobile, with very minimal search results. It is usually the case with those mobile sites where separate URLs are put in use.

The Impact

With mobile-first index, no website which is mobile-friendly will either be rewarded or penalized during the rankings. A noticeable difference can be observed in mobile-first indexing only if the mobile and desktop sites are majorly poles apart. Make sure the mobile version of your webpage does not contain less content than the desktop version, as the mobile version will be considered as the principal version. This could negatively impact your brand and website ranking.

Mobile-first index is not expected to change the overall rankings of webpage in a major manner. Though too early to comment, but the broad objective of Google is steered towards focusing that the shift in indexing mode does not cast an adverse impact on the current rankings.

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