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“Micro-Moments” and Optimizing Properly for ‘Near Me’ Searches

Near Me’ Searches

Micro- Moments” a term Google has been promoting as the newest part of brand competition online.

 So, what exactly does this term stand for?

In Google’s words, there are essential points in a consumer’s journey which come together to decide how the whole process will end. This is in fact a reference to how people are using mobiles more to search for what they need. There have been many instances when people search for things like “What should I do”, “I want to go”, etc. all of these search terms have intent and a need to attain fast results. There have been many stats also to prove this theory and how people have their own moments where they go online using their smartphones in search of relevant and fast answers.

While looking at this, the end answer is that people are not that brand loyal in fact, they are just looking for the right answers and are very active on the mobile search platform.

Companies, thus, now have to be quick in their response, present relevant information, and just be there when they need it. All these factors are factors in how they should build their marketing strategies.

A good way to go about it is to optimize for “near me” searches, as these are the latest trend today. Some main areas to concentrate on for such search queries include:

*     Have a good site in place which has wonderful content and is optimized for all top search engines. A good user experience is essential for all platforms, be it mobile, desktop or tabs

*     Have your contact information and other such relevant things (open-close time, customer reviews, and map) readily available so that Google can present it when needed on local listings. Schema markup is also beneficial

*     Get listing locally- Having a listing on local search directories is a strong booster for local search queries

*     Garner as many reviews as you can- Google pays a lot of attention to sites that have more and more user reviews as this means people visit them often.  These can help you in your local rankings and are something that even users now take note of when buying

*     Make use of tools that can help run a local search audit on your site so that you get some good points on how to do better than competition

*     Get local links from directories, local news sites and other such sources to boost your local SEO further

*     You can even look to add a “near me” copy on your pages. Content with “near me:” added has recently shown better click-through rates.

It is clear now that the SEO game is fast changing and evolving and with Google big on its “micro-moments” theory there is a lot that marketers need to be ready and prepared for. If you are looking for a good outsource SEO agency to rank for near me searches, get in touch with us. With our pool of experienced SEO expert India professionals, we have delivered a plethora of successful projects to global clients.

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