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WooCommerce SEO and the Yoast Boost

Woocommerce SEO

The latest and most useful option for any eCommerce store is to have a site which is built using the WooCommerce plugin. Along with this if you are using Yoast SEO premium, WooCommerce Yoast SEO extension, this can help get your products to show up more often on search results and social sites. From helping your products look great on Twitter cards to letting your control your site better all this and many other benefits are there of this extension and thus, is something that e-stores should look to use.

Instead of using WooCommerce breadcrumbs this makes use of Yoast breadcrumbs which are more configurable. It also allows the WooCommerce content block to precede the SEO block on your edit page. It can also help improve how you share your products on social media sites like Pinterest.

Some of the most useful and important functions of these tools include:

 Twitter Cards?

This is an extension that can help you decide what to show about your product on Twitter. This comes under the WooCommerce SEO setting and you also have the option of creating a new one.


Schema and Open Graph Additions

Using this feature, you can improve the output of Schema and Open Graph markup. It is basically a way to improve how you share on social media sites. This is specially beneficially for Pinterest as your product will not just be an image but an actual product entity.


This option lets you get more control over the customization of your breadcrumbs for pages that are related to WooCommerce.


There are mainly two options under this, which are to remove WordPress SEO columns and move WooCommerce up. It is better that you click both these boxes. This can help marketers who use WooCommerce gain better visibility for their products.

There are many other functions too that are available in the WooCommerce Yoast SEO extension while some things are performed automatically as well.

Using the right methods, you can use Yoast SEO premium and WooCommerce to get great results for your e-store by sharing more effectively, especially on top social media sites. It has been a boon for Woocommerce SEO professionals working on e-commerce sites.

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