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Near Local SEO Ranking Factors

Local SEO

Search terms with “near me” in them are fast becoming popular and especially Google has seen a big rise in such search queries over the past few years.   “Near me” searches are now not just standalone but even include many specific search terms with them like “restaurants near me”, “bank near me” etc.

This is why any business that is using local SEO needs to also optimize for such search queries as without this it can end up losing not just ranks but even customers. The main question that now remains is how does a business optimize for such “near me” searches? There is a plethora of information regarding this available online and a business needs to use it, if it wants to see good results. A study regarding how “near me” searches are effecting search results was conducted and results of search volumes are as follows:

On further research it has been found that Google now is focused more on businesses that have optimized for “near me” searches as there is a difference in pattern on how these queries are evaluated. Some major points Google considers includes:

  • Google reviews
  • Backlinks with city in anchor text
  • %backlinks with city in anchor text
  • Backlinks with city state in anchor text
  • %Backlinks with city in anchor text
  • Total reviews
  • Followers modified
  • Photos
  • Google rating
  • Average Rating

This goes to show how closely Google is evaluating “near me” searches and how it is presenting results. Backlinks seem to be a very essential part in this.

It is also interesting to see that search results are not based on how close you are to the searcher but rather of the business being in the city.

All this just goes to show how essential optimizing with “near me” is to local SEO. Any business that has not yet begun optimizing for this needs to start right away. This will lead to better ranks on search results and ultimately better business performance.

Some take away points for this include:

  • “near me” searches are the most popular today and result in good search volume
  • A business can optimize for this if it hopes to get ranked
  • Companies need to get a move on and start optimizing for “near me” asap

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