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Semantic Search and Its Effect on SEO in 2017

Semantic Search

Semantic search has been a big factor for search engines like Google and Bing to provide more accurate results to users. It has helped in understanding the actual intent and context of a query by a user. Options like local search and voice recognition along with improved machine learning have changed the face of search results and how they are presented.

With algorithm updates like Hummingbird and RankBrain there has been a change in how users search and this is why SEO professionals needs to be well aware of all this to ensure better campaign performance.

When looking for quality results in SEO, just optimizing is no longer the only way there is. Marketers needs to understand how users search and this way make use of the right keywords in their strategy. While content is still a big factor for SEO, now it needs to be not just high quality or unique but also provide some value to users or answers questions that they may be asking. For E.g. – if someone searches for trip to Costa Rica you can have content like what to do in Cost Rica or how to have a budget-friendly trip to Costa Rica on your page. These are some great ways in which you can find the bet keywords and content that can help rank your site.

Aside from this here are a few steps to rank better with semantic search:

  • Put in diligent research. Google can provide you with a lot of information on what are the best keywords to use for your particular business. You can even find the questions that people most commonly ask related to a certain product or service here. A good content strategy can do wonders for you.
  • You site structure is also essential when it comes to semantic search- Treat your products and services like entities and associate them with the right questions. Know what audience you want to target and present your site according to their preferences.
  • Create content that covers the entire consumer’s journey from what he/ she has searched to where they eventually want to reach. This can be very rewarding.
  • Be sure to measure everything and keep a track of metrics so that you know that your SEO is doing well and where you need to update yourself.
These few things can help your SEO do pretty well in semantic search this year.

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