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How Can You Make Your Content Better for Mobile First Index?


With Google heading in the mobile fist index direction, soon the mobile version on any business site will becomes its default in search rankings. While creating a mobile version of a site is the first step to take how will you create quality content for it? This is the question we are here to answer.

When it comes to content for your mobile site it needs to be able to provide users with all the relevant information without being too long. You need to make it such that users get all the useful information without having to scroll through long content. Apart from how your content should be its presentation and structure is also important. Some points thus to keep in mind include:

*     Have a table of content as this way users will only click on the one they want to read and not have to go through other irrelevant things. You need to combine this with HTML bookmarks for users to easily navigate.

*     Your HTML heading, tags and other such things help in giving a proper structure to your content. You each sub heading can be an anchor link in your table of contents.

*     Make use of expandable content- This is a very useful way to provide all information without having to increase page size. It also makes navigation for users way more easy while giving the all the information that they need with just a click.

*     Content on different tabs in another good way to reduce content space and can be used as an alternative to expandable content. It is also the same as it provides users with information only when they click on a tab and not before.

*     Give your users the option of filters so that they can see only what they need to and nothing else.

*     If you do not want to write paragraphs for your site another good way is to use bullet points and summaries which highlight only the most important things.

*     Using bold and italic is also a good way to let people know what is relevant.

These are great ways to ensure that your content suits your mobile sites. We at Brandconn Digital understand all the aspects of content marketing and SEO. We are an SEO company in India, serving as offshore SEO partners to many global agencies. If you are also looking for a robust content plan and need to outsource SEO services, get in touch with us, and we will get back to you with all the details.

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