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The Impact of Google’s Mobile – First Indexing Powering Over Half of Google’s Search Results

Google’s Search Results

In a recent announcement by Google, they mentioned that over half of the pages shown in search results globally are from Google indexing using mobile-first indexing procedure. That states that the pages you visit from a Google search are based on how Google crawled and indexed a particular content based on the mobile version of that page.

About Mobile – First Indexing

Mobile-first indexing is all about how Google crawls and indexes the web. Google looks at the mobile version of the page rather than looking at the desktop version of the page. Google is actually crawling and indexing your web page on the basis of how it renders on a mobile phone versus a desktop computer.

Google will surely notify you when your site has moved to mobile-first indexing within Google Search Console. It will also label your site as last crawled by the Googlebot smartphone useragent in the URL inspection tool.

It is essential to make sure to check your messages in the Google Search Console and pay attention to your structured data and alt-text for images on mobile pages with this change.

Why is it significant?

In case your desktop pages are distinct from your mobile pages both in terms of content and structured data, then your ranking might get affected. Google has largely moved sites that have uniformity between mobile and desktop pages first to mobile-first indexing. As a result of over half of the search results now indexed through mobile-first indexing, it is merely a matter of time until your web pages are moved over as well.


In conclusion, it’s clear that Mobile-First Indexing profoundly impacts SEO rankings, as it now powers over half of Google’s search results. To navigate this evolving landscape and ensure your website remains competitive, consider partnering with a trusted digital marketing company in India. At Brandconn Digital, we specialize in SEO services, and our SEO expertise enables us to optimize your website for Mobile-First Indexing and enhance your search engine rankings. For any assistance with SEO or to explore how our services can benefit your online presence, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We are your reliable SEO services provider.

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