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What’s New In Google AdWords?

Google Ads Management Services India

With each year Google brings something new to its search marketing platform. This can be either a subtle change or an overall full-fledged update which can be a game changer. While SEO sees its fair share of changes due to algorithm updates. Pay per Click marketers also get many new updates and features added to AdWords which they can make use of.

PPC is a popular online marketing tool used by various businesses, with AdWords being the primary platform for paid marketing campaigns. A PPC expert should stay updated with the latest trends to ensure high-quality results. Businesses seeking competent PPC services in India can hire the best PPC company in India, like Brandconn Digital, for Google AdWords management. However, staying informed about new developments in PPC is essential to stay ahead.  For this purpose here are a few new things that might be coming to AdWords:

  • AdWords is getting a new UI which is sleek and overall has a great look. This is big news and may be marketers will get to see a whole new look in the coming time
  • Life events is set to become a targeting option in YouTube and Gmail ads
  • You can get location extensions for YouTube ads as well in the near future
  • Now you can survey 360 and get more information
  • Amp enabled landing pages are now introduced to improve page speed
  • Buying is set to become easier

These are just few of the many new things that AdWords might be seeing in the coming time.

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