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How to Increase Your Organic Click-Through Rates

Organic CTR
PPC is a really tricky task that needs umpteen focus. When there are an estimated 200 factors affecting your search-engine results positions, you’ve got to be choosy about which ones you’ll work on in order to affect the greatest change. Among the dozens of items that search engines look for as signals of quality and relevance, one that’s often overlooked is organic click-through rate (CTR).

What is ‘organic CTR’?

“Organic CTR” (click-through rate) refers to clicks to your website through the snippet links found in the organic search results. The better is your SEO strategy and implementation, the better is the chances for your website to appear in top organic search engine result pages. The higher your content appears, the more likely it is to get clicked. And the number of clicks your content receives versus the number of times the content is displayed is what’s referred to as your the organic CTR.

Now the big question arises; “Does organic CTR impact your search-engine rank?” And the answer is, “Yes, it does. Google and other search engines seem to look at organic CTR as an important signal of both quality and popularity.”

Tips To Improve Organic CTR

Use Killer Headlines

The first and foremost important thing for you is to grab readers’ attention and haul them into your content using emotionally charged headlines. The better your headline, the better the chance that people will click on your link.

Write Juicy Meta Descriptions

The meta description is the little “ad” that appears under your page URL and title on the SERP. This is the convincer, the words and description that convince searchers that your page is worth a click. Meta descriptions should be kept between 140 and 160 characters. If they’re longer, Google and other search engines shorten them, which can water down their impact.

Fix Ugly URLs

“Ugly” URLS often dominate automatic URL creation software that are the major turn offs for a user. Instead of accepting whatever your program picks as the default URL, modify it so that it boosts your organic CTR.

Identify Rich Snippets

Rich snippets, in addition to meta descriptions, identify specific content on the page that’s worthy of a second look. It’s another way of pointing out to searchers, both human and bots, that the content on the page is relevant and matches their query in unique and engaging ways.

You can identify rich snippets through the HTML markup of the page.

Tag Your Images With Keywords

Images play a big role in the SEO of your website. If your image isn’t tagged appropriately, you’ll lose out on potential organic CTR. Images should be tagged with an ALT tag that includes the keyword phrase for the page.

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