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Google Adwords Latest Feature Allows To Set Up A Single Ad With Multiple Headlines

Google Adwords Latest Feature

Google’s new responsive ad format which is now in beta version i.e. not available to all the advertisers will now show 3 headlines. These ads will implement in the same locations and will look like Expanded Text Ads, however, Responsive Text Ads will show up to three headlines instead of two and also, show up to two 90-character descriptions instead of one 80-character description.

The latest feature allows the advertisers to set up one ad with multiple headlines and several descriptions. Google will then start testing different combinations to identify the combination deemed most likely to achieve the advertiser’s stated goal.

It allows Google to dynamically test different combinations of Headlines and Descriptions and optimize ad delivery based on the top-performing combinations. They are a part of the range to let the machine learning models, do the work of ad creative optimization.

Some of the initiatives that have come before it are the following – dynamic search ads, automated ad suggestions and Google’s effort over the past year to get advertisers to give up manual A/B testing and add at least about three ads per ad group. This is nearly the same concept, just a little more automated. Also, there is the push to automate ad rotation optimization.

What are the benefits of this new feature?

  • One of the benefits is that, having several ad options means your ad groups will have the opportunity to compete in more auctions, as there will be more options for the keywords to trigger your ads.
  • The new feature also requires devoting more control to the machines, relieving some pressure from advertisers.
  • If there weren’t enough reasons to try the new ads, Google is giving responsive search ads more character than the expanded text ads.

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