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Google Plans To Make Apps For Google Assistant More Functional And Discoverable

Google Assistant Apps

Google now aims to make Google Assistant Apps more functional and discoverable. It also enables users to start a task on Google Home and complete it on a smartphone.

In an announcement made by Google last week, it aims to make number of updates and improvements to help make third party apps for Google Assistant more functional and easier for users to discover. New capabilities for developers will also be incorporated in the same.

With the rolling of new updates, developers will now be able to build Assistant apps in Spanish, Portuguese and Indian English. For the UK, Google announced the availability of transactional capabilities (purchases, reservations or appointments).

The search giant is also adding new sections for the app directory such as “what’s new” and “what’s trending”.

In the current UI, the app directory is relatively hidden which allows only a small percentage of users know it exists. With the new updates, the feature will be visible to more searchers. However, within the directory Google is also creating new subcategories for apps that are more task-specific. The company uses the example of “Order Food” or “View a Menu” in the category “Food & Drink.” There will also be new badges for family friendly apps.

Google is focussing on more natural app discovery through “implicit invocation” or “implicit discovery.” This is a form of app recommendations, when Google believes that a specific app can answer a user question or fulfill a need, or when the user’s verbal command is the “action phrase” for the Assistant app itself:

Implicit invocation occurs when users invoke your app without using its name. This type of invocation occurs when users tell the Google Assistant to do something that’s similar to the action invocation phrase for one of your configured intents, or when the user is in a context where your app would be appropriate.

There is also “voice optimization” approach to getting your app recognized and invoked by Google in this “implicit” scenario. This feature is definitely going to grab the attention and interests of SEO experts.

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