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Google Assistant Can Now Find Local Home Services

Google Assistant has been a very powerful and helpful feature and now it has further enhanced its functions. Google Assistant is now capable of helping people find relevant local home services according to their requirements.

For example if you type a command such as “Ok Google, find me a gardener.” The Assistant will then further qualify you by asking what exactly you need help with.

When you are more specific by exacting telling or saying the type of help needed say “help to cut the lawn grass”, the Assistant will then ask if it’s for the address listed in your Google account.

Once you confirm the address, the Assistant will offer to call a gardener immediately, or show a list of local gardeners that are available.

Choose the one that suits your interests and Google Assistant will get a call started.

Similarly you may get help for other services as well like a plumber or a carpet cleaner. The following example shows the process of finding a plumber in action:

While the example shows the new feature being demonstrated on a smartphone, it can also be accessed with a smart speaker like Google Home.

This feature will first be rolled out in the US, which is said to occur within the week.

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