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Google’s New “Donate” Button: A Boon for Non Profit Organisations

Google’s New “Donate” Button

If you are running a non-profit organisation in US, here’s good news for you. Google now lets searchers donate to non-profit organisations directly from search results.

Google has now added a “Donate” button to Knowledge Graph cards of US-based non-profits. With a mere click of the button, searchers can easily donate the money.

Searchers may trigger this feature by searching for the name of a US-based non-profit. Google has chosen just the right time to introduce the feature the amount of people searching for ways to donate to nonprofits is said to be up during this holiday and festive time of year.

In order for US-based nonprofits to be eligible to display the “Donate” button in search results, they have to first opt into Google For Nonprofits

To conclude, the introduction of the Donate Button by Google significantly boosts non-profit organizations. It provides them with a simple and efficient way to fundraise online. As the digital landscape continues to evolve, non-profits must strengthen their online presence to remain competitive.

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